Reduce Obesity

Currently, obesity problem has gone out of our hands. It is something we don’t have under control and often do not know how to solve. This is why medicine has evolved to solve the main problems related to obesity. The first operation is the Gastric Bypass, same dealing of dividing the stomach into two parts, being the smallest which is in contact with the food. This helps you feel satisfied eating much less food from which you would normally eat. The second option is the gastric sleeve, which consists of stapling the stomach to split it into two parts in which the first, has 85% of the capacity and the other only 15%.

The part of the stomach with only 15% of capacity, is going to be in contact with food to reduce the amount swallowed. The third option is the gastric band, which involves placing a band of silicone which reduces the size of the stomach. This with the purpose of reducing its capacity up to 25 or maximum 30 cubic centimeters. You already know options to counter obesity, is now fully in you take the decision to change your life and be able to improve the quality of the same. Get in touch with experts to make the best decision. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

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