Homo Sapiens

Dear readers, today I want to convey what I think regarding the existence of the extratetrrestres or biologically intelligent beings outside our planet Earth, and to begin must say, that I doubt that the birth of this universe, i.e. the Bing Bang, about 15000 million years ago, have generated only a possibility of intelligent life (i.e. us), is definitely the opposite, there are many forms of intelligent life that evolved and continues to evolve, and certainly do not all have the base of your training to carbon, other will have another base element by saying to Silicon or manganese, and between the carbon base suddenly his DNA also is homo sapiens, or can be vegetable or saury DNA. There are so many possibilities. So, the day that man comes out to explore other worlds, should know to find way of life very different from which our experience and modern science have taught us. The possibilities that gives even the bing bang (because the universes yet this expansion, and even the big crunch or shrinkage), they are countless, countless, so we cannot say selfishly that we are alone.

God, our Creator, turned the singularity of the beginning of this universe, in a pluraridad of worlds and ways of life, in this sense, is also motivating, noted that all forms of intelligent life, whatever its biological settings, are all its manifestation, its essence, unavoidably. But, I must also convey that not all aliens are morally advanced, so many of the species that have visited us for millennia, it has also taken advantage of our ignorance, killing many humans, abducted, for biological experiments, thus also to happened with the animals and plants of our planet. I regret to say that many of those negative species still continue doing damage, it not you want for nothing our planet. And I say, even with its advanced technology really are beings that have evolved very little in the ethical moral; but there are also intelligent beings ethical who often even have helped many ancient peoples, they have taught our ancestors developed transmitting knowledge and technologies, to accelerate our evolution. Today, given that our analytical awareness is most advanced, only observed us from afar our evolution or involution, think that they would be willing to help us if we ask him.

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