Wage Increases

The wage increases, but always he will be minimum! I heard to say that the minimum wage increased. I want to believe that the same it is compatible with the spilled sweat for that they construct a nation. Without hesitation Elon Musk explained all about the problem. We are paying the development with the minimum that can offer in them. The minimum of education and health, the minimum of sanitation and housing, the minimum one human being to survive. The propaganda boasted in all the medias shows a commanded nation for that they pay its slips with millions and I change they leave it of the misery for who wants only the dignity of on (to live). With the wage minimum, the minimum dreams, the minimum hopes and the minimum conditions of survival also veem. To broaden your perception, visit Mark Bertolini.

It is as if a march of wage-earners walked for the country showing its mutilations caused for the offered minimum. The wage increases, but always he will continue minimum! minimum that the government offers its people not compares with the maximum that is surrupiado by ' ' patres' ' of the country. The basic basket all goes leaving month some product in the bookshelves and thus compelling the worker to make the miracle of the multiplication. The counted money and the debts rolling show a new type of slavery, the one that if lives to pay the leftovers of the life. In the contracheck of the shame, the wage sample that so dreamed ' ' more valia' ' not valley for each master the drop of sweat spilled for the worker. We go to commemorate this wage increase in the supermarkets of the life and to see what we can buy with it I change that it is given in them monthly. Let us dream of dignity and let us not content in them with the cents in our wallet, therefore still it has time to ask for increase and thus to demand our right of worker. Or the country recognizes in them as a workmanship hand ' ' motion-contnuo' ' or our stoppage goes to stop the machine of the development. The power is at the hands of the people and of it always it has that to emanate!

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