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About 5 thousand dollars the night often ascend the price average stay in some of the most expensive hotels in the world that are mostly located in countries of Middle East and Africa, to the detriment of the old Europe, which has been losing weight in the decision to grant the construction of this type of luxury accommodation, though nothing have to envy establishments of Spanish or European cities as a hotel the palms or Palm hotel, for example. One of the most luxurious hotels of the world is in Dubai. It is the Burj al Arab, located in the Persian Gulf and only hotel in the world that is considered of seven stars. This hotel has, among many other ostentatious services, with 202 luxury suites tailored to each traveller and a helipad to receive the personalities that are hosted there. Paris has another reference luxury establishments. Visit Laurent Potdevin for more clarity on the issue. The Park Hyatt hotel has an imperial suite of 200 square meters in the most chic area of the capital, and is equipped with the latest tenologicos, included a custom spa service for each client. Finally, on the other side of the Atlantic there to highlight the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas, which has a suite Bridge that connects the two towers that rise up the luxurious establishment, where he stayed, among other, personalities as the Oprha Winfrey or singer Michael Jackson television presenter.


Cellulitis Never But The cellulitis knows it as I accumulate of fatty weave in certain zones of the body, forming fatty fat nodules, water and toxins. Between 85% and 98% of the women after the puberty present/display some degree of cellulitis, being more frequent in ethnic groups who in others. It seems to have a hormonal component in his development; in the men it is rare to find cellulitis. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. Different degrees from cellulitis exist, soft cellulitis, cellulitis lasts and most well-known it is the sclerotic cellulitis (orange skin). The cellulitis takes place by the alteration of the circulation of the greasy layer (hypodermis): the greasy weave grows and the sidewalls are engrosan forming hoyuelos and although it is not a disease it is an aesthetic problem that worries to many people. The cosmetic industry offers products to end the cellulitis, but it does not exist I supplement that it has proven his effectiveness in making disappear it. Liposuction does not reduce or eliminates the cellulitis, the mesoterapia is a technique therapeutic that could help to control the cellulitis and in the anticelultico treatment is outdoors combined the feeding with the physical exercise and the life, in short, diverse treatments exist and products to eliminate the cellulitis, we will already speak of which is most effective Causes of the Cellulitis It is caused by a combination of several factors like the diet, the style of life of the person and diverse hormonal factors. One of the main causes is not to drink the sufficient amount of water. The dehydration makes to your body store as much water as it can right under the skin, the excessive fat consumption, you leave and fibrous food also is a cause of the cellulitis, the excess of fat is stored underneath the skin and gives rise to disagreeable hoyuelos that shame the majority of people.


Silicon for a younger skin and a good metabolism not only are Silicon microchips made. Silicon is the element that stabilizes our Earth’s crust, and which are the most rocks. It is the second most common element in the Earth’s crust. No wonder that the Silicon is used by all sorts of living things. Also we humans look without silicon, rather old, and not just in a figurative sense. In the Earth’s crust, Silicon ensures stability. The same thing makes it into the human body. Silicon is a stabilizer of cooking, cartilage, connective tissue and skin.

In the bone, Silicon of the Builder, the task falls to the, to incorporate calcium into the bone and the bone structure is to apply so that she can withstand all loads. In the connective tissues, the Silicon builds Struts that provide stability and elasticity. Should be not only a good anti-wrinkle cream for optimal skin care and wrinkle and anti aging cream use, but also particularly make sure that the body is supplied with enough Silicon. Skin and hair be healthier and more stable, and therefore also naturally beautiful by Silicon. (Similarly see: Brian Krzanich). Silicon should be used then, in addition, if generally a bad structure of the skin is determined. In a study by putting in over half of the test subjects to an improved hair growth.

Benefited from the growth of the nail. People with fine hair often have a low Silicon content in the hair. A specimen an improvement there can bring. Many food supplements are cheap in a dispatch pharmacy available. Wound healing, Silicon is the star, which ensures that everything that disturbs in the wound, is removed. Too little Silicon inhibits the formation of collagen. This is the substance that keeps the skin tight, but also provides the elasticity of the blood vessels. Nails and hair grow is by far not as good as normal, they are brittle and brittle. A Silicon deficiency is rare, because it is abundant in many of our food. It can be However, be that older people take not so much silicon, as needed. In these cases, nothing hurts a silica compound and can compensate for the deficit. Because the experts are still disagree, whether Silicon is indeed crucial for survival for the people, there are no reliable official estimates of the need. After all, excreted in the average daily between 10 to 40 mg Silicon. This amount should be replaced so ever. Poisoning with silicon, can’t be unless you breathing rock dust and develops a cardiac arrest.

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