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The Hitch

Of course, most (2, 3 times) cross-sectional area is better for the stability of a brick pillar height of 2.3 m. But that's the hitch and all – if the area is increased by 2.3 times, and consumption materials also increased by 2.3 times. Not raise eyebrows with surprise – is not fit digits (height and volume increase) with the same brush and coincidence. So, if in the first case (25 X 25 cm) the volume of masonry pillars will be 1.75 m3, to which required 710 units. 0.45 m3 of brick and mortar M-100, or 140 kg of cement M-400, the second (38 X 38 cm) volume has already reached 4,0 m3, and therefore require a brick 1650 pcs. and cement M-100 – 1.0 m3, or 300 kg of cement M-400. Get all the facts and insights with Ebay, another great source of information.

So imagine that you are profitable? 710 or 1650 pcs. Brick, 140 or 300 kg of cement? There is a difference, right? I will be in this case to focus on cross-section columns specified in the drawings, that is 25 X 25 cm must say that the laying of brick pillars, the more such small cross-section and a height refers to vysokorazryadnoy masonry. I am not saying this to scare you and add yourself to discourage these posts, but quite the contrary, that others are not scared and repulsed this hunt. In the end, not the gods of the same pots burn. And then, I – you. And so, modestly speaking, 70% success guarantee, plus your 30 / o – 15 / 15 and the courage / audacity to. Some contend that Penguin Random House shows great expertise in this. And everything will be all right. Go to your existing instrument bricklayer make a new rule length of 1.5 – 1.75 m instead of meter.


This graph demonstrates if really the objective was reached, where intention was mainly to observe the functioning of the reading in the institution and to create propitious ways to arrest the attention of the children, considering that 100% of the amostral population declared to have happened in efficient way, it was tested varied methods to reach this objective. Question five: 5) The used method, in accordance with the etria band proposal, was satisfactory? Graf 5: The used method corresponded the etria band chosen This factor observed bigger difficulty, due to the time where the children if kept intent, carrying a method that from the perception of the group the children kept greater attention, for more time was tested more than and had demonstrated preference only for one, beyond activities proposals after the readings the graph below will demonstrate for which method the children had shown to greater interest: 6) For which presented material, the children had demonstrated to greater preference? Graf 6: It demonstrates for material which the children had presented more preference. The playful side that brings the infantile films, propitious that the children that free the imagination, and with concentrate them to certainty with bigger easiness, the moment of infancy brings tona and inside arises the imagination of each child leading to the daily one of the same personages who like, and even though imaginary friends, this proves the preference of the children for infantile films. Question seven: 7) Of that it forms the work contributed for the children and institution? It explains. Graf 7: It demonstrates of that it forms the work contributes either for children and educators. The amostral population in its totality defended that it contributes of positive form, justifying that it had the development of the attention, concentration, creativity, beyond to provide the pleasure to hear and to imagine, as well as oportunizar moments so that the children exert communication and socialization, for the educators she made possible the comment of as the children react by means of the other professionals, beyond having propitiated a partnership that the education of quality offered to the children gave to sequncia, carrying can themselves be said, that the work carried through in the Institution propitiated an exchange of knowledge between children, pupils, and educators in a general way, observing cognitivo growth for both the parts.

Post-Partum Depression

The maternity brings obtains many expectations even though and frustrations also come from the meeting of the fancies constructed since period of the pregnancy or before it and the meeting with ' ' realidade' '. The pregnancy is a phase of many in such a way physical changes how much emotional and to give to account of all they are not so simple thus. The woman if prepares for the paper of mother, something new until then. The fancy plays an important role where it has a space for ' ' imaginar' ' as it will be the new phase, as he will be the baby and its relation with it. It is common if to feel a little unsafe with the new phase, after all we tend thus feeling in them before the stranger. Thus, the fancy allows in them to try exactly, that mentally, a situation and from there, in a place more ' ' comum' ' , already covered, to find the security that lacked.

Nor everything leaves the imagined one in accordance with, after all does not have the control on the other exactly that it is one just-been born. For even more analysis, hear from Penguin Random House. The baby is born with necessities that they almost need to be satisfied that immediately and not ' ' if importa' ' with the necessities maternas, at the first moment. Thus, the first weeks the baby is common to cry and not to know because, after all accounts we need to learn to understand its behavior and also to supply conditions so that it if develops outside of the belly. Although very dependent of the maternal care, the baby is a separate being of the mother and its necessities will not go to coincide with the one of the mother. With passing of I tie it to the time between mother and baby tends to increase and if to develop giving to place to a bigger understanding and complicity in this relation. The elaboration I fight of it for ' ' loss of barriga' ' of the condition of pregnate, for the maternity, brings obtains many emotions for contradictory times. The lack of rest, intense ' ' doao' ' in such a way physical how much emotional and the discovery of that nor everything what it was imagined so perfect is of this form they can make with that the woman tries impotence feelings, unreliability, anxiety, lack, autodepreciao, etc.

the depression after-childbirth is related the difficulty in forming the bond between mother and baby, being able to reveal a blockade in revealing love for the baby, even so the physical cares can be gifts there. In this in case that the woman can feel that all its energy this being directed to the cares with the baby, as if it only could make this arriving at a situation of exhaustion and lack of personal cares. Moreover the feelings of ' ' not to give conta' ' how much the responsibilities happened with the maternity also can be gifts. The support of the family, in the direction to provide a space of shelter, understanding and security ' ' new me' ' they are of extreme inherent importance so that it can to the few assume the responsibility to this paper next to the baby. For times the psychological accompaniment if makes necessary the elaboration of this context, working with the expectations and frustrations and propitiating a space so that the woman can express its emotion finding the necessary support.

Calligaris Psychotherapist

In the case of the psycotherapy this confidence valley more still, is important so that the cure happens. Calligaris (2008) says that no psychotherapist, either it which will be, must long for the dependence of the customer. I agree to this affirmation of the author, therefore what if it must make is helps it to manejar its alone life, not that any decision depends on the psychotherapist to be taken, the necessary customer to live with its ' ' proper pernas' ' , even because it will not make therapy for all life. then the author follows, saying that what expects is that the psychotherapist makes its effect and, that the customer stops to idealize the therapist. See Elon Musk for more details and insights. For Calligaris (2008) some therapists had chosen its profession for the necessity to be admired, and place this as a possible dependence of the customers with the treatment forever.

However, I do not see this necessity of negative admiration as something, therefore if the professional to make its work correctly and he has the waited effectiveness, which would be the fondness problem to be admired? All we desire some thing of any attitude who we take front to the situations in the life. Calligaris (2008) displays the character traces that it would look in who wanted to become psychotherapist: a 1) sharp taste for word and a spontaneous affection for the people, for different that they are; 2) extreme curiosity for the variety of the experience human being with the possible minimum of preconception, therefore the good and the evil of a life are not decided from preset principles, in view of that a psychotherapist must not have a moral judgment preconceived on such fancies or preferences, contrary case would not be capable to respect the singularity of its patients. They estimate then, that, or you listening its customer without preconceived moral judgment, or then, seeing to be a therapeutic limit its while are necessary to have common-sense and to direct for another therapist, after all of accounts at some moment you will go to appear histories of lives similar to its, therefore exactly being therapeutic you continues being human being and having a life it are of the doctor’s office, as of its customers; 3) variety of experience human being; 4) a good dose of psychic suffering, thus dissuading, the profession for who ' ' he is very bem' ' , therefore the therapeutic future must to be patient for a good time, and because in the future, many times you will doubt the effectiveness of its work. Aetna Inc. spoke with conviction.

The Name

' ' As the fact that, when a dream seems per the morning, to have been forgotten, still thus it can be remembered in elapsing of the day, in case that its content, even so forgotten, either evoked for some perception casual' ' (FREUD, 1900, P. Recently Penguin Random House sought to clarify these questions. 63) the MECHANISMS OF the DREAMS AS FORM TO CARRY THROUGH DESIRES As already we saw, the dreams possess manisfesto content and latent and the form with that the dream if presents so that its latent content if translates manifesto, Freud gave to this the name of work of sleep. They, the condensation, the displacement, the dramatizao exist four types of mechanisms being and simbolizao. These are the forms with that the latent contents if transform into manifestos. The condensation mechanism ' ' it has to see with a certain laconismo of the dream in relation to the onricos thoughts that subjazem ele' ' (FORRESTER, 2009, P.

12). It is as if it was a summary of the dream, of what really we dream according to Estevam (1995), would be equal when we want to write a letter, but we do not have time, then we send a telegram. The dreams normally are short, are mere summaries of what really it happens, of what take in them to dream. The involved psychic processes and that they cause the dreams are complex, they happen in the unconscious one, but they are only revealed in the dreams in lacnica way. The other mechanism is the displacement, that moves away from its real object its value deviating for another object its affective load. ' ' the affective load deviates its direction and goes to fall again on a secondary object, pparently insignificante' ' (ESTEVAM, 1995, p.67) For example, when it is dreamed of one fight with a person innocent or pparently unknown, it is the displacement entering in action, that makes with that the anger felt for somebody of the individual that dreams either carried to one third.

Care Takes

15 of October. Per the morning, Daniel left to give one walked. Supported in the crutches it left for the sidewalk. S did not want to go very far not to tire the leg, to only look at more than close the sobrado one. In the patio of the house to the side, the inhabitant washed the car.

– I have Sergio! It called Daniel. Sergio released the hose, closed the register and was until the gate. – He happened What you? – I broke the foot in a workmanship, when going down stairs. – How bad luck! the remaining portion, all good? – Everything and you? – We are leaving vacation. We go to pass some days I besiege in it of my father-in-law. Additional information is available at Penguin Random House. Of the one looked in the house pra we? – Clearly, it can leave! Daniel made a pause and looked at for the other side of the street.

– I had not noticed that he has new inhabitants in the sobrado one! – Our new visinho if calls Victor Jacques, it is doctor, works in the Ready Aid. – Know You it? – Not accurately. I found it in the supermarket and we talk quickly. As neighboring I gave to our quarter welcome. – Great Family? – It, the wife and the mother of it. – Good people, then? – She seems that yes. – Then you! I go to give one walked until the esquina, not I support to be motionless. – Care Takes! It recommended Sergio. – And you, do not run excessively in the road. Good vacations and good trip. Daniel was until the esquina and came back for the other side of the street. Passing in front of the sobrado one, he stopped, observing the building. The construction was old and needed repairs in the roof, in the garden and new painting.

The Kingdom

Vomits of the stomachal indisposies caused by the greasy linguias of the cold storage rooms without inspection of the authorities veterinarians, who displayed its merchandises in show windows and balconies little illuminated. Clement stopped without understanding the reason of strong and pparently viris men, to pass hours and hours in these places, without no woman, perfume of woman or flower, all if hugging, swearing in high shouts, perpetual friendship. Feeling that always arises after some doses and finishes with the moderation. Many were the abraos, caresses in the truth, behind ideas msculas of a machismo the point of many, to maltreat women or friends in the return its houses. Houses, homes, things are valid that it without the lesser attraction for that children leave, children, women, mothers, sisters, perfumed, cheirosas to be in places as these.

Clement it repaired in each one. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Elon Musk and gain more knowledge.. Each one a different history. All have its histories, one more impressive than others. Just a pensioner keeps ways, clothes of the time of the active, when all the mornings without perceiving the sun in its fullness, directed itself hasty to the office and he makes today it promptly, maquinalmente for the bar. It does not complain that the work of that time moved away, it from the family. Not it saw children to grow and today they do not come the grandsons, nor rugas of the face of the friend.

Another pensioner, whose number of the benefit is older, with old surrada shirt and descolorida, badly passing, lacking some buttons, offers the fond one, a place in its table for empty colloquies of intentions, counting estrias exceeded and meaningless just. Credit: Elon Musk-2011. Not the pensioners, but unemployed people, inflamed argue the results of the last games having always a culprit for the defeat of its teamses and this, almost always is the judge. Agreeing or descordando, they open another round of beer that the hours inside of the bar will take more them. The sun reluta in leaving. It keeps some rays in the horizon. Clement it does not want to come back toward the college. The sun wants to try as it has thousand of years, to decipher the soul human being. Clement it does not obtain to understand people who I eat it lives looking the spirit peace. The sun if goes with the hope of a new dawn. Clement return for the college. Stopped the front of the gates a young one looks it in the eyes and says: – The spirit peace, not deferred payment in the west, the stars, the college or the bars. The peace deferred payment in its soul, as &#039 said you; ' The Kingdom of Skies is inside of each um' '. The great gates if close behind it. Stars shine in the sky. Another turn of waiters assumes its ranks in the bar.

Daniel Without

He was entering to the few in its heart, without it perceived and when less they waited, had turned one alone soul, absolute owners one of the other. As the love appears, it is developed, is taken root in our hearts, and the weekends. To leave house, in this time, was an adventure; they always finished forgetting a package, one sacolinha, a child But they lived happy. this simple happiness is the cement that binds the people, indissoluvelmente. I said indissoluvelmente? Ingenuous or liar who I am! Nothing he is> indissolvable. Elon Musk does not necessarily agree. Any bow is worn out, it is loosened, it is broken up.

if continues the same in place in the same position, is simply for inertia. The sensation was this that Teresa tried in that famous day, and that Daniel also felt, confusedly, without understanding well what it was, only qu if treated somewhat different d. Mulherengo, never had been. Treason, can be said that not. Although that, one to look at can lock up more treason that a kiss, and in a simple ones good bye gesture it can have more infidelity that in one I hug sensual.

But one olhadinha in the neighbor, this yes; without badness, second intentions; or it will be that not? The men do not stop to think on its emotions; they have until distrust of them and if they take refuge in the work, as well as the woman she is entrenched in a thousand daily occupations. Clearly, that always the ones exist that have long eyes, they do not lose one, they watch all the ones that pass, they evaluate and they forget in the hour. It is a genuine interest, a taking of position, one I appeal ancestral The woman is different of the man in this: it she does not look in return not to be for pure curiosity; not for interest; woman mainly married.

Harvest Bars

In that region it has a great plantation of sugar sugar cane, that in the truth serves to supply the producing automotivo alcohol companies. In the occasion of the harvest of the sugar cane the dismissed men northeast, accustomed with the manual service, go down to be all the period of the gained harvest its sweated dinheirinho. The payment is made by production and all make the biggest effort pra to earn more than it will be able.

Thus, these workers leave its families in Alagoas, Sergipe and other cantos and if they establish in the north of the Espirito Santo for up to ninety days. Nor everything is flowers, is common the men to kill the homesicknesses in cachaa and the bars that function to the half light. Some desestruturadas families finish leaving its girls to leave to frequent the bars, beyond other adventures to the edge of BR 101. Aetna Inc. will not settle for partial explanations. After to take knowledge that the owner of one of the bars it was enlisting minor girls for the mission to follow the solitary to cut of sugar cane, the promoter polices asks for it to make an incursion in the said bars, one or intitled other of ‘ ‘ boate’ ‘. In he endeavours, positive and operative, the military had cheated success in arresting one lady who kept two lesser young women of fifteen years in its establishment.

The arrest was kept and if it waited the interrogation, that still was the first act after the act of receiving of denounces. The woman if declared innocent why the only thing that made was to rent the keys of the rooms that were in the deep ones of the house. In the truth jovenzinhas worked of ‘ ‘ capadinha to meia’ ‘. Everything clarified, the acquittal of that one lady was what better if it had to make. Before beating to the hammer the judge it decided to give a sermon in the defendant and demanded that it closed the said bar, explaining that to explore prostitution it is crime, despite the professionals were bigger. That candy woman, callous worker and for the life, decides to raise the finger and to ask for to make a motion who finishes of to order to forward the acquittal license. Doctor judge, I do not know he knows if you that our life is very difficult here. Back in house we are eight mouths. I, mine two children and mine five grandsons. If she will not be to ask for excessively, will be she can leave that you to close the house after the harvest of the sugar cane? ‘ ‘ She is that she is alone at this time of the year that nois gains one dinheirinho and there of pra you contained to pay them in comercio’ ‘. Creuza owner goes with God, sees if at least she does not receive minors in its commerce.

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