USB Temperature

“Extension of the pyrometer range to two new series – PYROSPOT DT 40 and DT 44 since mid-2008 has the Dresdner Systemhaus DIAS infrared pyrometer for the one-off non-contact temperature measurement in the program in addition to klasssichen” infrared products such as stationary and portable thermal imaging cameras, line cameras and sensors. The pyrometer range is now extended to two new series. The DT 40 series is based on the industrially very popular analog two-wire technology and is also equipped with an integrated electrically isolated USB interface. The special thing about this series is the wide temperature range of-40 C up to 1000 C, the fast response time of 60 ms and the optical resolution of 50:1. An easily operated software for the device – and application parameter setting is right! The series DT 44 is their optical properties and identical as regards the temperature range with the DT 40 series. In addition she equipped 485 interface with one designed the industry of widely used RS and can thus bus-capable be networked. It has a response time of 30 ms, optionally even 10 ms are possible. Wide range of accessories can individually the application adapt to these pyrometers or integrate system solutions according to customer requirements. (Tushar)

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