She Can Affect Anyone: The Winter Depression

Winter depression is a seasonally-dependent depression (SAD), which occurs in the dark winter months: bad temper, lack of motivation, excessive sadness, weight gain, unexplained fatigue? All of which can be signs of winter depression. It starts in the autumn months and ends again in the following spring. Check out Elon Musk for additional information. The winter depression is one of the seasonally-dependent depression, which can recur every year. Mostly, women are affected more often than men and also children and young people can develop it, however the winter depression occurs less frequently than other forms of depression. The disease is caused by the lack of natural light.

In addition come the falling temperatures and shorter days with less light intensity. Is a lack of the happiness hormone”serotonin before, this can also cause a winter depression. Concerned with a lack of serotonin feel mostly a great appetite on sweets, since the sugar it contains and other ingredients, such as in chocolate, which stimulate serotonin production. In real winter depression everyday and professional life can be restricted, as strongly decreases the performance. A doctor symptoms persist longer than two weeks, should be consulted to be sure with therapy to relieve symptoms and to prevent a chronic depression. Get more health-specific information at

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