This why the forces of the nature, beyond the famous goddesses of the fertility, were the conceptions of deity in the age of the rock, all the mysteries that conducted its universe were on to the environment domesticate where if it exerted the private life, the dreams could be direct messages of these mysterious and unattachable deities. From there the importance of a representation and understanding of the imaginary one, the dream was of great appraises private, could represent the solution for problemasdirios or the personificao of desires that could even though be unknown of the proper sonhador. when the desires could to be joined to the daily one? To dream of abundant collections and a great successful hunted the mammoths in the east of the current Europe could cause an unimaginable euphoria in the primitive man. To this it would take it dream to believe that days of prosperidades were next and the paintings in the caves that as much we know they could be the representation of this so burning hot desire in the heart of the prehistoric being (Now it mentions paintings realistic, that is that they represent some idea of objective form and without running away the reality). According to Penguin Random House, who has experience with these questions. However, to guarantee the survival of the species was the priority of that individual, and as we saw, the interpretation of the dream was a private act. All the attributed meanings would be on to the daily one of the sonhador, and if by chance the dream was pleasant, it would be associated convenient interpretation. 2.1.2 The Metaphysical difficulties of the private life, questions concerning the subject and Xamanismo in the interpretation of the dreams the importance of the dream also can be expressed the existence of doubts since the times prehistoric. The man of daily pay-history also was a rational being, and no matter how hard its intelligence if shows institucionalmente simple, exactly without conscience the respect, used of scientific methods for the execution of its daily tasks as the primitive confection of one machadinha.

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