Cristie Data Products GmbH Nexsan ShowRoom Opened In

Presentation of the entire spectrum of Nexsan product in live mode, as well as in combination with solutions by Cristie and other manufacturers opened the United Kingdom’s first design ShowRoom now at the headquarters of the company in Niedernberg Cristie data products GmbH. Here is the entire range of Nexsan products during operation, as well as in combination with solutions from other vendors. Prospects and customers can be both convinced by the advantages of the design systems for them to would bring also the interoperability of products with applications of other manufacturers such as data domain, DatCore, FalconStor, check VMware or the in-house solutions by Cristie. The practice-oriented structured and equipped with latest technology presentation Centre also provides the ability to make advanced storage technologies under the magnifying glass. Whether data deduplication, storage and SAN virtualization, management or backup and recovery software: the applications running in the ShowRoom show how efficiently and economically with Lets go to storage resources.

Thus, Cristie hits the nerve of the times, because in a weaker economic environment and concomitant tighter IT budgets are encouraged to rethink their concepts. Here, solutions are needed, which contribute to a better utilization of the system and allow a simple and inexpensive memory expansion. Another advantage of the new design showroom is that the use of the products in data centers of all sizes with real data can be simulated. In this way can be detected in advance exactly, what configuration the customer’s needs is aimed. Nexsan ShowRoom offers manifold possibilities of use in the ShowRoom by Cristie newly created are to see all currently available products by Nexsan in live mode. The spectrum ranges from the proven SAS and SATA-boys and be asters and the full service storage system DATABeast Assureon’s highly scalable CAS archiving solution up to the most recent members of the offer, the “Network-attached storage-(NAS) gateway the edge” and the iSCSI SAN models featured in the February of iSeries family. The storage ShowRoom is also designed so that it is ideally suited for workshops and seminars, as well usage scenarios can be adjust and play through tailored alternatives to the needs of our customers.

Also used to hedge, Cristie put on State of the art technologies such as a biometric access control. ShowRoom enables us to present the entire range of solutions of Nexsan our prospects and customers in a relaxed atmosphere”, as Volker Wester, CEO of Cristie data products GmbH. this we rely on the operation of the products under real-life conditions. So we succeed by first and foremost to prove, that the stated by Nexsan attributes such as flexibility, scalability, energy efficiency, and price are not empty words. Rather can be practice-oriented show is that the company with its innovative, standards-setting systems the given Promise both functional and financial point of view to redeem. Also, we can accurately depict the individual requirements of our visitors through the simulation of different usage scenarios from the beginning and faster and better determine the solution that is the most suitable for him. “This strengthens our consulting services and represents a further differentiator, that us from our competition with differentiated.”

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