Deus Errors

They hear, understand and receive the Evangelho de Deus, being impactados by Its love. But varied they take them to circumstances to stumble at the same errors of the past or to be surprised with new trends the errors of the gift (…) As we have difficulties in recognizing that the substance used cousin for God to form what we call church does not consist of what it exists of more good in the world in sanctity terms, justice, morality, among others virtues. When establishing that the standard of acceptance to belong to the group would be the favour, God transforms the church into a community of people that brings deep marks in its past, great fights in the gift and the hope of redemption of its lives and histories in the future. However, this hope does not make of them finished people, but still in obras.' ' Therefore, we do not have that in them to find more ' ' santos' ' of what our brothers in Christ, therefore all we were ' ' ex' ' , and mainly, we do not have to point the errors of the past of our brothers, therefore thus with them, only for the favour are part of the body of Christ, then I and better vocs are not that nobody and nor more saints. Perhaps the fact of terms, perhaps, a bigger knowledge of what our brother, the fact to read books more than what our brother, more good does not become in them of what it, it does not make nothing of this, but its life of sanctity this more good that ours, because when we are collated, we harden our hearts and the brother not (recognizes its sin and if it repents, it recognizes its smallness and that it is not better that nobody, because in the truth it depends on God), this requires of us humildade and not pride. .

Portuguese Project

The adaptation to the space bred and tax for the strangers, making to disappear what it lasted has at least two millenia, would be slow. The process of aculturao of both the peoples? transmigrados natives and -, would happen under the implementation of a plan of initial settling, that if consolidated in a project to be carried through by stages, with the insertion of the native in the society in formation, as its element of sustentation. The project that if seated in the colonizador tripod? employee? missionary, and if developed two centuries for more than, proves the resistance of the aboriginals to the situation of domination for the stranger and, on the other hand, the necessity of this in coing-opt them for in progress project. In this manner, if he cannot affirm that he has had an brusque rupture in the life of the native peoples with the arrival of the colonizador, in the direction of an extinguishing as they spread out the romantic writers of century XIX, giving to chance the one that the government decreed this extinguishing. What it had was an modification in the trajectory of life of these populations. Considered groups extinct reappear currently, obviously with different denominations. If it cannot deny that population reduction has occurred during the wars, but the junction of etnias in the aldeamentos and the aportuguesamento of these for the cristianizao, had been the strategies used for the Portuguese who had more contributed for the camouflage of these populations translated in disappearance so that in the place of them the citizens, essentials to the implantation and development of the settling project appeared. The Portuguese, parallel, proper it if mesclou and if he adaptou to the new environment, learning the local habits and acquiring the knowledge of the first inhabitants of the land.

Alexander McQueen

To find metal accessories can be a difficult task for the men, nevertheless, with a little patience can be gotten to find accessories elegant that they adapt to the personality of is going that to wear them. Between the mixtures that can make the men when they wear accessory metal, they are the chains to hang itself to the neck, made of gold and silver. In a man, the gold necklaces and silver are seen well and it questions them to nobody. The ring for men, can be heavy and to show an arrogance that in the case of the women, would be impossible to use if she wanted to obtain an elegant aspect. To the men, they have left the bracelets and clocks next to the gray and black suits very well.

Here some photos with the proposals of manly accessories go that famous designers like Lanvin and Alexander McQueen have done. Gold always has fascinated to people from the antiquity, being considered like the most valuable metal and expensive than it can find, the gold always has been thought to be used only by the best people. Gold today has returned very popular between a variety range of people, being propitious any ages, for men and chains it is possible to be used in any occasion, that attracts all the attention you. Combining them with other article pieces jewels and clothes it is a great way to create a diverse glance and to give a touch him appealing. With an ample variety of dimensions, colors and designs, necklaces of Rep them gold have been always an essential element in the glance of anybody.

The used colors most common in the gold manufacture are of yellow and black color. Rose and purple gold have seen development much in the years happened, slowly turning the new tendency into accessories the present time. They have the advantage of which they can very be personalizeable, the user of being able to choose only the best piece than better one adapts him. The buyer also has the option to mix more of a color, the creation of wonderful unique and accessory designs that adapt to their own style and individual preferences. One of the new tendencies in accessories is the purchases of necklaces of generous size and with chains of all type and other details or glass beads! Taking notices on a detail, the tendency is to shine them on a shirt of cuts masculine. What seems to you this tendencies of the autumn winter 2011 2012? me chifa! These necklaces fashionable with chain take so much in golden as in silver plating and them you can find in almost all the stores of clothes and complements from prices low COST to more expensive others. The binoculars a long time ago did not see them, perhaps and although these superfluous them encounter, are not it as much for a man to whom it likes to draw attention.

Nikon Always

Are hundreds of manufacturers listed in the Internet, all saying that its products are trustworthy. is the question there: how to choose? Still more knowing that the majority of the serious manufacturers only vende from 50 units? Who is thinking about to buy to resell can until risking, but it is always a difficult decision. At last, if you are thinking about if to become a peddler, this is my advice: If you intend to vender products of known mark, legitimate electronic, without a doubt she is better to buy in the United States, and exactly there never of unknown suppliers. It looks for to buy of the great store or, if it will not have as to make this, through a intermediador of its confidence. People specialized in this subject exist who can help you. If you intend to vender cheaper products but that they present quality, you she needs one or supplying Chinese.

For this my advice is to visit one of these fairs of Chinese suppliers and to pan a manufacturer who can be trustworthy. Some alternative ways exist, but it is much subject for this article. If to want more information is the will stops writing in them. Already in the purchases day to day, if you do not have time to lose, I you obtain to see only two alternatives: For who he has haste – to want mark products my advice is to always buy of the great store. Miracle does not exist! Nikon with price of generic is generic! Legitimate Nikon 20% below of the normal one is contraband, does not have another explanation. It is clearly that it fits to each one to decide the risks that are made use to run and how much this bothers. Already who can wait one 30 days has always the alternative to matter for the post offices direct of the United States.

King David of Israel

Rich possua muitssimas sheep and cows. But the poor person did not have thing none, seno a small cordeira that buys and creates; it had grown with it and its children; of its bit it ate, and of its cup it drank, and it slept in its lap, it had and it as son. E, come a traveller to the rich man, left this to take by its sheep and its cows to bake for the traveller who comes it; took the cordeira of the poor man, it prepared and it for man who comes it. Then the furor of Davi if lit in great way against that man, and said the Cream: You lives, that worthy of death he is the man who made this. for the cordeira will become to give the quadruplicated one, because it made such thing, and because it was not felt sorry.

Then the Davi said Cream: You are this man. Thus Mr. Deus of Israel says: I you ungi king on Israel, and exempted I you of the hands of Saul; I gave to the house of yours Sir to you, and the women of yours Sir in your seio, and also I gave the house to you of Israel and of Jud, and, if that is little, more he would add you such and such things.


It is of custom to confuse moral and ethical. Moral is norms, custom and behavior that we have inside of a society, is acquired by the education, for the tradition and for the daily one, the moral has obligator character, that is already it comes printed in us, a good character or badly, if they will not be worked in its sense I criticize, ethical and moral. Ethics are the science that studies the moral, are the form that we must holding in them in a society. Ethics are reflexiva theoretician and, while moral are the practical one. Therefore ethical and moral they are one of the biggest values of freedom of the human being in the society of today. They are few that give the due importance in these values, and destroys what they belong to they themselves, an example is the environment. In all the parts of the world practise it consumista, the search of having and the power for the profit all the cost, cause the destruction of its proper environment where they live. Therefore meditando on this subject we can observe the campaign of the fraternity of this year of 2011 ' ' Fraternity and the life in the planet. creation moans in pains of childbirth (Rm 8; 22) ' ' , where in them the importance of the ethics and the moral is placed. It moans to continue its process of life and resistance, but with egoism ' ' animal homem' ' only devasta, kills, destroys its proper habitat causing this pain of destruction the judgment of the men is inexorable in relation to the others, on the action that each one of them is ready to practise.

Environment And Its Problems

Environment and its problems the environment is one of the questioned problems more in these last years. we human beings are not in worrying about the environment what it is very sad. Nowadays the environment is a target that the people use to play its lixos, what she brings the pollution of the environment that generates some problems to the planet. One of these problems is that you vary species of animals enter in extinguishing, that is, dies for maltreatment of the pollution. The garbage is not alone that finishes with the environment the deforestation also is one of the factors that the situation of the well degradante planet leaves.

the cut, the burning of the trees what he is unnecessary. The smoke that comes of the burning of the trees brings some illnesses as irritativa bronchitis that is an illness that comes of the impurities of air. Therefore we must take care of our planet more than, therefore a made thing it our welfare cannot finish in this situation. It has some methods that can solve these problems as recycling of plastics, glasses, papers and cans; not to play lixos in the streets rivers so that it does not come to obstruct nets of sewers and to flood the houses. Being thus we can finish with the existing problems in our planet and have a better world

Economic Geography

Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses the quarrels in Geography is interesting, for its capacity to articulate so diverse sectors and for synthecizing very complex contents. Had to this colossal size and its object of study to be the world and its multiple relations, some subjects emerge and submerge with much easiness. A classic example was the fact of the quarrel on the occupation of the space for the culture destined to the production of biocombustveis to lose force and the center of the debate of Economic Geography to move in 2009 of focus for the United States and world-wide turbulence. The crisis is excellent without a doubt, but not more important of what the question of the biocombustveis. The production of biocombustveis is fact, consolidated and in expansion, mainly in Brazil. The moved cars the biocombustveis, as the alcohol, for example, does not possess nothing of new in the country.

The diversification of world-wide the energy matrix, passes mainly for the idea and for the use of the biocombustveis, for the simple fact that Oil, predominant energy in the planet, will be depleted. Before this the world it needs new alternative sources. However when the subject is the biocombustveis, the problematic one of the occupation of the space destined to the culture of the renewable fuel exists and this is the critical point of this project: the cultivated area cannot march on the environment, much less on the area destined to the food culture. Despite it obtains a space between the environment and the cultivated area, cycles of ambient impacts will be felt. The idea most accepted is that the biocombustveis march on the environment in biomas as Open pasture, Amaznia and the Complex of the Pantanal in Brazil. The fragility of these biomas, mainly of the Amaznia with its frivel land and its cycle of the water ' ' prprio' ' as well as balance of complex Pantanal, that to remain itself needs to remain of the form that is, highly will be impactado by the advance of the biocombustveis what it will cause irreversible impacts, although the media to defend the opposite.

Matin Claret

In old Greece, an important philosopher call Aristotle, in its book ‘ ‘ The Poltica’ ‘ , it concludes that the man is an animal politician. With this it wanted to say that the animal man alone if develops fully will have engaged itself in the PLIS. The man is a dependent animal of other equal ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities. As we depend on others stops feeding in them, to dress, to work, then we only develop in them in fullness when we are conspired to a social group. But currently, a deceit in this reasoning has occurred. The human being depends on the others to survive, but it has not facilitated the life of the others. The lack of conscience of the use of industrialized products, as well as its inadequate discarding, has brought problems to the environment, having made it difficult the life of the other human beings that coexist in the plis.

Then, similar to facilitate the life of all, so that each person if develops fully in the trams of this polishes, necessity of each one becomes the conscientious use of industrialized products, the adequate discarding of packings residues and the correct spreading of the necessary information to the efetivao of this proposal, with the objective to generate the best convivncia and better life of each one. REFERENCES ARISTOTLE. Politics. So Paulo: Matin Claret, 2004. IT HISSES. Biotica.

Environmental Proposals

Two gardens is the rejection, of each side.however, these gardens can very if become ciclovias well, are alone to take off the plants and to pave the stream bed, already we will have immediately one way of hand and another one way of contrary direction, to the side of the way of pedestrians are now constructing the pavement on the Arrudas Brook, also in the Av. of the Andradas, the Municipal Park until the new Shopping Center Boulevard (next to the City council) only see that excellent chance to be construida there the FIRST CICLOVIA OF Belo Horizonte Story with the support of the readers ().to present projects as educative campaigns, ciclsticos t-shirts with related subjects, strolls (return in pampulha, for example), construction of ciclovias, etc who knows a great sender deTV is not interested for the flag? we will help the planet to survive, perhaps because without it we will not survive thus our decendentes we come to have a place in conditions still to inhabit. Ah I looked ONG WWF (of which he was contributing partner) they had returned and me saying that this is not the focus of them also looked to the TV Record Mines and I did not receive support nor reply We go to see if emplaca now idea is given.Vocs does not make idea of the disrespect, lack of consideration, and risks that the drivers impose to the ciclistas.

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