This procedure is carried through in the act and place of act of receiving after analyzed the packings, by means of requirements of the order, with the forma bill of sale of the supplier. The sampling method is indicated had the transport of the company and the consequent impossibility to open all the commercialization packings to confer the amounts you deliver. The final control will become when the merchandises will be displayed in the point-of-sales and the open packings of commercialization. In the control for sampling, a random sampling is become fullfilled, that by means of unsatisfactory result all inspects the supplied lot. presentation packings are proteges, preventing themselves damages that harm its performance in the point-of-sales, or if to ruin for the contact with the environment and the manuscript. The here boarded company has a concern in narrowing bows to the society, supplying stipulated products with quality standard that come to take care of the necessities of its customers, fidelizando them. The commercial establishment is the co-responsible one for the damages that the merchandises can cause the consumer, therefore all well-taken care of in this direction is little and the quality is demanded since the entrance of the product in the COMPACT DISC, until its displacement to the final consumer.

However, to reach the efficiency of the system, it must be had an internal distribution of materials and control of rational supply that takes care of the objectives of the organization. The analyzed company account with a system of information to keep in supplies all the merchandises of that she needs to carry through the sales, without, however, to overload the company for the supply excess. The existence of products with old labels will indicate necessity of promotions, next to the marketing department, thus renewing the supply. The Engecopi uses as system of supply evaluation method PEPS, what it reduces the risk of obsolescence of the acquired merchandises, caused mainly for the constant innovation of the construction materials.

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