Economic Polar Regions

The necessity of the use of geography for the development of Economic Polar regions: the case of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar-DF. Pupil of graduation of the course of Social Studies – qualification in Geography of the UPIS Under the orientation of the teacher Edila Ferri, Master in Management, Planning and Administration of the Education. University of Brasilia. Teacher of the UPIS Summary: This article was carried through with the objective to evidence the importance of geography for the development of Economic Polar regions and to detach the contribution of the gegrafo for the success of economic enterprises and its aid in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for installation of Economic Polar regions. It shows the necessity of a geographic mapping for the reduction of risks in the investments.

Word-key: Gegrafo; Geography, Polarized Space; Economic development Consideraes preliminary the necessity of the use of geography in the development of Economic Polar regions starts in the geographic space separate for such use. The geographic space, according to Andrade (1998, P. 32) in contrast of the natural space, is a product of the action of the man. For Andrade (1998, p.37) the geographic space is being organized of different form in some regions, as the circumstances, inside of one same region. For Corra (1998, p.55) the space organization is expression of the material production of the man, resulted of its social work. Still for Corra (1998, P. 60-61) the space organization is the accumulated human result throughout the time. In the capitalism, this work is become fullfilled under the command of the capital, wants to say, of the different proprietors of the diverse types of capital. Notadamente, the space has a effect on the process of economic growth, and as this article deals with polarized space, can cite the conception of polarized space formulated for Perroux.

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