Good Size Cage

What I must look for in a cage for dog? A cage for dog rectangular and is made generally of wire, plastic and sometimes wood. Much people prefer to begin with destrudo wire since this type of cages tends less to be chewed and in the first days of the training to the cage. Good Size: For any cage for dog that you obtain, this one sufficiently must be great to allow the dog to stretch totally without being obstructed, at the same time it will have to be able to sit down without having to crouch itself. Also it remembers that a cage that is too great does not fulfill the intention to provide security and control. Safe and Resistant materials: It avoids to buy cages of very thin wire, since they are not worth the pain! This type of cages tends to colapsar itself and to cause accidents. The dogs easily can destroy the wires and in the worse one of the cases of hurting itself. It tries to obtain a cage of a heavy caliber, that is heavier and safer for you and your mascot. Bed: He is very recommendable to buy a bed that covers the whole cage.

This will help to cause the training to go bathroom to your mascot since it will not want to defecate in his bed. At the beginning, there will be ” accidentes” reason why it is good idea to count on covers for the bed that can be washed. In the following article that I will publish, speak a little the best way to accustom and to train to your dog to the use of its cage, doing of this one a safe and familiar place for your mascot, without being seen like a punishment or a way of cruelty.

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