Consumer Protection

In this case, the statement of claim should be spared documents that can confirm that this operation you have not done: you signed checks on operations on the map (they will confirm that the card is with you), medical certificates, proof of employment and so forth. But if consideration of your application, you are refused, then do not worry, just go to court. According to the 'Regulations on the procedure for issuing credit cards and banking organizations, the settlement of transactions made with their use, in any document evidencing the transaction on the map, should be painted a client. And the bank has no right to deduct from the account of the cardholder money if the document is not or it has been tampered with. In this case, court is likely to take the client side, without taking into account any items of the contract. If the challenged transaction was carried out, say, an atm or via the Internet (right now many banks offer cardholders manage your account via the Internet), then the signature will serve as a pin or password is a digital – analog of a handwritten signature. Challenge in court the transaction, signed by the difficult, but possible.

After all, 'According to the article. 7 of the Law 'On Consumer Protection ', the consumer has the right to grant him safe services. It is in this article refers to the client, which our bank has refused to compensate the stolen money. In this case, the client, such service is not was given, since fraudsters have managed to forge a card.

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