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When traveling by plane to get a little comfortable bag for hand luggage: there will lie your passport, tickets and other documents, as well as a number of items that you need on the road. Just do not forget that the nail clippers and nail file will have to temporarily "relocated" in the suitcase otherwise they will remain at the customs. The trip by train can pack in a travel bag: it is easier to pick up the car and down onto the platform on arrival. In addition, it is more convenient to keep the bag in the luggage compartment "on the third shelf": No extra weight of the metal frame and wheels yes, norovyaschih slip off the smooth surface. Although, if the train you will not meet with the suitcase will be easier to navigate on their own.

This hike is not dispenses with backpacks – this is still the most convenient way to carry things on his own back. Properly packed backpack holds a lot of items, including tents and sleeping bags, canned food and clothing. A trapik can be strapped on the outside – with a low weight it is quite voluminous. A little trip to the nature, such as barbecues on weekends, includes various packaging options of things. When moving by public transport (bus or train), it is better to use the same backpacks. Having a car allows you to restrict traffic or sports bags and take them with a convenient bag with ice packs – it does not spoil your products even when extreme heat.

For storing documents and money in field conditions perfect bag-purse: it locks closed with a zipper or Velcro, and hung on the neck, usually under clothing. Even if you are suddenly absent-mindedly forget one of the bags on the train or bus, all the most important thing will be with you. Before the summer is not much time – just over a month. You have to make plans, buy the necessary things to rest, think through routes. Now you only have to choose suitcase, bag and other accessories for easy and compact place your luggage. Of course, you can obegat many shops around town, and you will find everything you need. But it is much easier and faster to visit one of the specialty stores by "Alex." There you can buy not only traffic, sports, beach bag, wallet, makeup bag, cooler bag, and a good notebook and pen secure. And they useful in drawing up a list of needed items, and to record impressions during a summer trip. And if you do not forget to take to the road, then you do not have to waste your time and nerves on the search Missing things: your holiday or short weekend trips you'll be able to fully enjoy their stay and get the most pleasant experiences.

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