Venezuelan President

/The Venezuelan president is in Cuba receiving a chemotherapy treatment. He is using solely the social network to communicate with his compatriots. " Good morning, living world! Here we go, ready to initiate the today battle! ". The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, assures that he is with " optimism insuperable" in his " it battles by vida" , in reference to the treatment against the cancer that follows the past in Cuba from weekend. " Good morning, living world! , Venezuela good morning loved! Here we go, ready I am for initiating the today battle! We will live and win! " , it has published east Tuesday the Venezuelan president from its personal account of Twitter, from which also he has informed into the visit of Fidel Castro. Also, Chvez has announced east Tuesday through this social network the approval of different budgetary games for the Interior de Merida, the Front Francisco de Miranda and the new company of cleanliness.

" Good night Compatriots! This way, closing another day of this Batalla by the Life. With an insurmountable optimism! " , the past night took leave the agent chief executive. Chvez has solely been using the social network to communicate with the Venezuelans since the past Saturday moved again to Havana to follow with its treatment against the cancer, in a new stage in which it will receive chemotherapy. Delegation of functions the president was the past operated 20 of June in Havana of a cancerous tumor del that knew by mouth of the own Chvez in a message to the nation from the island ten days after the operation. The president returned to Venezuela the 4 of July, a day before the celebration of the bicentennial of independence, and since then he participated in some official acts and in Government and realised commentaries of habitual form through Internet and the state channel of television. Before leaving to Cuba, Chvez delegated in the minister of Planning, Jorge Giordani, and in the vice-president of Venezuela, Elas Jaua, part of his functions like j of State like budgetary crossings of the ministries, appointment of civil servants of smaller rank, as well as the responsibility to approve or to deny resources. " This it is a decree to delegate, not as they want some sectors of the opposition, that I give I govern () I am going to delegate a set of functions as the Constitucin&quot commands; , Chvez announced during an extraordinary advice of ministers who was celebrated the same day from his game to Havana. Source of the news: Chvez is conceited in Twitter of " optimism insuperable" in his " it battles by vida"

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