Objection … By the indiscriminate bleaching in this thread, which is becoming quite maimed and unintelligible. I think it is a mistake. I reiterate my affection for those who have gone (I hope not consider this, again, a message forero) .- Macaroni (messages) 11:14, 15 March 2008 (UTC) I too protest. Bleached all shares that are very valid, indiscriminately. Greetings. Yeza 11:23 15 February 2008 (UTC) Completely agree and I say to Raystorm (talk contr. Bloq.). That yes, we will be careful not to become a wrestler. Coffee is also true WP: E, WP: TR, WP: NAP and WP: CIV. Greetings, RoyFocker, Discussion 11:31 15 February 2008 (UTC) I join the protest. This is a coffee, and more devoted to “miscellaneous” today. To argue what happened between users as valuable, I believe we could even take as positive and constructive conclusions about it. Please give the right to freedom of expression.While I have never had dealings with users “cause”, just see in his contributions to label them as pillars of Wikipedia. Beyond that one has been wrong with certain attitudes, this fact can not pass unnoticed. On the user Raystorm, I have no doubt that he is acting in good faith and healing the interests of Wikipedia, but only ask that you take into account the reflections marked in this thread. A greeting. Dr.Jones dialogue … 11:45 15 February 2008 (UTC) This thread should never have been allowed, not this way. Just see the title and the subsections. It would be nice to suggesting Valentin, but that’s not what you’re doing (and it seems that nobody thought to create this thread again from scratch without attacks).I would have preferred that the protesters would have done in my discussion (as Roy), so he would know what they think (and perhaps they too knew what others think, that the samples to support reversal action have not missed) but it seems they are missing forms of dialogue between users and the whole. And of course I follow all the rules in force Roy, including WP: NOT (forum, battlefield …, choose). Now I want to see how much they protest these Bibles that are responsible for this will not go more than a mother. It’s easy to come today to protest, without having been on the ball yesterday and seeing how it would increase the tension and bad blood toward others, and not to address it getting wet (although anonymous threats, even, which I reaffirms that what I did was right). But who knows, as the context now is different to yesterday. Or not. Answers to my person, if any, to my dicusi n please, if not see them.Raystorm (Yes ) 14:40, 15 March 2008 (UTC) For my part I think this thread is being discussed in a more peaceful than yesterday. And it is in the hands of all this does not make any move to higher (not pass!). I hope (when speaking in 1st person) that these protests are constructive, not intending to personal attacks or other. Just as a way to express the community a reflection in particular. Dodo, Petronas and others who left the project and made their decision and must be respected, with the prediction that take time and again to keep doing great in Wikipedia, which we must continue to stay ahead (and make treasure what happened to that does not happen again). Dr.Jones greetings dialogue … 16:26 15 February 2008 (UTC). PD: You’re right Raystorm is better heading towards the discussion of one if he wants to convey a particular opinion … and I left there ) Sorry I come late to this discussion for months that do not touch or hold discussions in the Cafe.This is news struck me not only because I gave the hard way, as I learned while trying to enter the page of Petronas. It is a pity that they were Escarlati users like me in my first steps in this free online is going by a dispute between users. Hopefully, we can more easily resolve these conflicts in the future. Erodrigufer (Talk) 21:41 15 February 2008 (UTC) Well, well see: expelled or withdrawn does not mean as it is commonly said in the forums suicide or exile. If I wanted to go from one place and would like to express my desire, would leave me or I’m going into exile autoexpulso here. I think those were return. In what’s in my wiki and I’ve seen people come and go, few endure out of their environment. But I also think that if you get the quirks and wringing the guy go because I can not stand criticism or pressure, for then there is something wrong there. I hope that you are not the case.They both fell bien.GarciaGerry (Talk) 00:28, 16 March 2008 (UTC) I did not want to participate in this discussion because one of the librarians voluntarily withdrawn has not been directed toward me politely on any occasion, and I hate firewood from the fallen tree (sows the wind … etc..) but I do not see this thread get to remove all comments made let’s say for the resignations.

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