Incorrect Manager

Understanding the top management of the fact that the embodiment of life in the global plans depends on the performance of each individual manager and the team as a whole – the key to successful change in the CEO from the beginning should adjust their subordinates. In deciding to open to all who will carry out the transformation, including the ordinary performers. Ideal – the manager, was thoroughly dismantled in the purpose and procedure of the change, he is in discussions with their employees, both individually and with groups. The task of director of human resources – to make sure that the explanations of the control available and understandable to all. His role at this stage is to prepare the manager to talk with subordinates. Every senior manager has ever faced with the introduction of changes in the company and, therefore, is the bearer of a unique experience in terms of change. His point of view can be useful and to influence course of events if it is supported by knowledge of the industry and production processes, as well as features of a particular group. Specialist with a similar experience automatically becomes a "perfect conductor" changes.

If his authority in the company's strong enough, then we can say that the problem of influencing public opinion is half solved. In large holdings for this purpose are sometimes sent to the field management team to create a group from among the line managers of branches and work with them and through them – with all plant personnel. These are necessary measures that support innovation on the part of the head office through its leaders. Such groups are "implementing change" in its subsidiaries. Management influence on the team and the recognition of merit – the main aspect of the motivation of top management in the conduct of global changes. Proper direction of this effect head of the organization for senior managers is its trump card in building a strong team, "tops." Incorrect redistribution of power may lead to "Fall in authority," the head of the management team respectively to the loss of confidence in him by his subordinates.

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