Enjoying A Mobile Home In New Zealand

In our agency a constant topic of discussion with customers is to have a bathroom or not having bath in the motor home rental for a trip to New Zealand. Of course an important issue at first glance but actually ends up not so obvious. What you will see by reading this article. First, we must start from the basis that New Zealand is designed to travel with a campervan, be it of any kind. Camping is permitted almost anywhere and, more importantly, is very well equipped facilities at the kind of life with a campervan. This means, in our case, that public restrooms can find both in any city or village minimally important at all “i-site” (tourist information sites) that are spread out almost anywhere as well, everywhere from where there are tourist trips or activities and all campsites (Holiday Parks) and spend many nights in camper. Thus, the issue seems to have no bathroom and a minor issue since in general we can meet any need. However, it is also true that if we camped in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter and at night we go into a grip, the resolution can finish a somewhat uncomfortable.

Although well, for this is Mother Nature, and we’re lucky that New Zealand is a country where barely find people. The privacy of our activities will thus be assured. On the other hand, if we have a bathroom, it is likely that we meet this situation, which is an extra convenience and may not therefore have to plan to spend the night or we can reduce the number of times we slept in a camping . Anyway, why not a trip to New Zealand in a motorhome with bathroom is smooth. In fact, the dirty water tank must be emptied every two days and the most common places that have facilities for doing so are campsites. Anyway, not that it is a very nice experience if this deposit emptying.

Will not go into details. Similarly, the shower has just not being of great use. Almost all travelers admit they end up using much more pleasant facilities of campsites, with more pressure, with more space and, above all, with the detail that the water is not going to end when you’re all lathered (Oh I speak with great property, since it is personal experience!) Thus, it is difficult to decide whether or not the bathroom with shower provides an advantage to our campervan trip around New Zealand. Certainly there is a degree of comfort, but at what price? Well, probably for the luxury end up paying double. So maybe it’s best to let our personal finances choose for themselves the most appropriate option. Dani Alonso is the founder and head of the agency’s low-cost, specialized in organizing trips to New Zealand at prices within reach of everyone.

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