Venezuelan Organization

Remember, the entire organization in its minimum organizational, departmental structures and teams, is characterized by the creative pursuit of excellence and total quality by all its members. In this case we could ensure the comprehensive collective creativity in an absolute manner across the enterprise. It’s a company with a humanistic, creative, expressive and exploitative sense of the potential of all members of the Organization to bring the best of themselves, the best talent, not only to the company but to society and humanity. In relation to the case of Venezuelan companies what is what is happening with regard to creativity? What the cause of the why the scope of creativity has been neglected in organizations? About it can give various causes: Absence of a participative leadership, creator, innovator, able to motivate staff, invite you to participate with your ideas, creativity, in everything that promotes productivity, achievements of results, performance. A little Communicator leadership, subject to the old models of autocratic leadership. Absence of a good organizational culture that ensures the participation of workers, allowing them to comment, contribute towards the development of the Organization, which will take into account their ideas, creativity, contributions Ignorance of basic fundamentals of motivation, coaching, empowerment that helps management, executives to which workers involved are all those changes that might generate favorable results. Absence of identification of workers with the Organization, curtailing the possibility of opening his creativity, organizations do not open, closed, with regulations, policies that preclude that creativity manifests itself.

Given this reality, it must give way to changes involving the company to open towards creativity, giving opportunities to individuals to expose their ideas, their scope, implications that they may originate once creativity manifests. Making this happen is a big advantage and benefit that favors all. Eng. industrial, lawyer. UC, EGADE (ITESM) postgraduate master’s degrees in business administration; quality and productivity; Education PhD in education professor and researcher of graduate Faces UC. Consultant – Advisor empresarialde Deproimca Exatec

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