Parque Carabobo

After so many failures reflected in Soledad on marriage: I not marry with the lie, error, the pretty face that told me love, but nothing I found in him. I will not marry the clear eyes of that heart that said: love me?. I already know him well, is the face of the false, of the cruel, which does not want to lose, he is the face of the devil, of pain and failure in love, and that, can not be. In your next illusion would seek walk together hand in hand we must walk together hand in hand. We can do it, but together with the same idea that us a, we split, not look fake examples, let’s be real. Capital One Financial Corp. has plenty of information regarding this issue. Look at the sky and move towards the good direction.

I’ll take my cats and I will go to the past, to the beach of Macuto, to the market of Quinta Crespo, the street No Shepherd to mercy residences Parque Carabobo, in that place I lived. The new circus, where I worked my father at my school of La Castellana in Caracas, the terrain of El Limoncito where we wanted to build a House, to Mariperez to see the Galician brotherhood in Caracas. I travel without benefits, without loves, but with past and that is a heavy luggage. At the age of fifty Amalia has fallen again and is now a grown woman, adult. It has happened again, will be the last time?, or it will be so again, I don’t know.

But she is a lady in distress that is going wrong, don’t know if your love will go forward or if it will not move, if they mock her or love for piety. While you are staying in it, the pain, the distaste, suffering, uncertainty and also, crying. However knows that Manuel, this thirty-year-old boy thinks in me, know me wishes to even being the difficult way for both, they separate us years, customs, having or not children, money, in the end, will be looking and nothing else can do to fill the eyes of my image of woman who knew no good love but to which pleases him to observe it.

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