OF OF the MILL After the death of the wife in an car accident, Miguel passed not to have more joy of living. For it, the life did not have more enchantment. It was moved away from the friends, was displeased of the work. It decided to leave the job and to follow a new route in the life. It decided to leave the capital and life in the interior. Its intention was to buy a small farm where it could live isolated of the civilization.

Consulting announcements of property in a periodical, it found two announcements of small farm the sales. It wrote down the addresses in a paper, caught the car and it left to the dawn for the interior of the state. But, in the passage it was lost in crossroads, when a strong fog went down on the region. It stopped the car in the side of the highway, left the lighted lighthouses and it waited that the fog if wasted. But, the time was passing and the time did not improve.

It tried to bind the car again, but the engine remained inert. It pressed the accelerator diverse times, without result. The gasoline tank was almost full. Finding that perhaps he was something simple to fix, it decided to give one looked in the engine. He opened the door and he left the car at the accurate moment where one I propagate appeared in high speed and it almost ran over it. Miguel played itself stops backwards, but some thing beat in its head. It was idiot, the sights had darkened, the legs had been bambas. He felt himself to fall and to roll for the soil. When finally he stopped to fall, he remained lying, looking for to regularize the breath and the thoughts. He saw himself lying on relva humid.

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