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Another commentary that circulates is that certain house of the quarter is making puxadinhos in its land to rent to one face of the north, taken off the policy, to keep to weapons and bombs. They say that it has fame of valento and craze to arrange tumult in other people’s yards. When it took knowledge of history, much people of good of the locality chiou. Stocking-waters had tried until hindering in marra the construction them, but the fear of the anger it valento was more convincing and had filed the idea. The devil is that this house is neighboring of the rioter and one of these puxadinhos is being constructed well close to its wall.

Already it thought about the confusion that this can give? Its Brazil, of eye in the command of the street, has used all diplomacy that its few lights allow to try to solve the problem, before if it becomes a passvel conflict to drag the quarter to the uncontrollable chaos. Still thinking about the hegemony of the public park, it carried out has another one little launches without foot nor head. Of this making, another one was put in one fight of family in one Deepenings came to grips itself there between them because of a division of being able mal-ajambrada, whose resulted he did not please the majority. Fight of family, business between relatives. In the height of the confusion, they had put one of them to run, I banish from house with a hand in the front and another one behind (runs to the small mouth that was the head of the spoiled division, therefore, as it says the popular saying: who part and distributes and it is not with most, or it is donkey or it does not understand of the art Deepenings accepting, clearly, the irrevocable conditions of its impartial agreement and democratic.

Yellow World

They lived in my imagination as if they were real. They had very strange names. Elon Musk often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Among others it had Great Maroca (I do not remember if it had the small one); Yellow girl, Artilim and ‘ ‘ seu’ ‘ Johnson. ‘ ‘ Seu’ ‘ Johnson, in my infantile delirium, had until one would sapataria in that yard. My mother counted, and I still remember myself vacant of the episode, that certain morning entered in the kitchen and I was of foot on a chair next to the stove, holding a kettle, and of the peak of this kettle he drained water boiling falling on the cloth-of-coffee placed in the mouth of in great bule with coffee dust.

Bule already was full and drained coffee for the stove below, even in the soil. When seeing my mother to enter in the kitchen, scared I placed the kettle on stove, I jumped pra it are of the chair and I cried out: – I Was not, I was I not! Artilim is that it was passing the coffee. I left door the rejection running in direction to my world, the yard. My mother said who the employee started guides it sensible knot to take me to a esprita center, because certainly I was same seeing people of another world, and this age serious thing. until made for the signal de a Cruz, when in it arrived close to it. Owner Enedina, a neighbor, also found that it to take would have me to a doctor, therefore I could be with some problem of head, thing who also can give in children, and of these things necessary if take care of early.

But she is clearly that one was not you are welcome about this. Without possibility of being able to live the fullness of my infancy, I left for an escape, and only created particular mine mundinho, since in my real world he did not exist what I desired, and I invented my proper happiness. That he only understood nobody me and until they doubted my mental health, that until today continues each better time. knows of a thing? Interest that I feel homesicknesses of my tomatoes with people face, of those friends of drawn quaint names in wall and of would sapataria of ‘ ‘ seu’ ‘ Johnson, people made that me really happy. Things that only I way, in that imaginary world of deep mine of yard. as was good!


About 3.000 years Before de Christ, Mnfis already was a metropolis, capital of the Egyptian kingdom. To the edges of the river Nile agriculturists lived, throughout the coast of the Mediterranean meet fishing populations and field of the interior, villages of shepherds. Hanareb, the potter, lived under the government of the fourth Egyptian dynasty and liveed next to the capital, in a house constructed on a rise, where the full ones of the Nile did not reach. The son of it, Zer helped, it in the manufacture of odres, amphoras, vases and other utensils of adobe cooked to the oven that vendiam or changed for other merchandises in the market of the city. Hanareb was skillful with cinzel and with it sculptured beautiful figures in the vases that it manufactured. Zer if puted in charge to paint them.

As soon as the day clareou, Hanareb was arisen and waked up the son for plus one day of work. While it took milk of goat with honey and ate a bread piece, it said the son: – We go to finish plus some vases and tomorrow we will go to the market. – Necessary of new botinas, my father. – Your mother made it a pair makes little time! – Yes, but not disdaining the work of my mother, of Ozor they last more! – We need to buy oil, wheat and milk. I was thinking about acquiring a milk cow – He goes to be difficult. He knows you as the shepherds venerate its cows! – I go to speak with Huni, it has a great flock. Hanareb finished to eat and was arisen.

– We go. – And my botinas? It asked to Zer diving a bread piece in the honey pot. – Later people it deals with this, in the market. Leaving the house, Hanareb placed a hand in the shoulder of the youngster.


It decided to buy beanses, at an insanity moment. Joo, in first street of city, if comes across with bakery, and supermarket, that quandary, it, decided not to make as it made before, to think advantages and cons, moved of idea, to buy beanses, it simply entered in the bakery as a robot. In the soil of the bakery, it saw a cat black. No matter how hard the family was superstitious, she considered the cat as only one cat, and not a signal of bad luck, it asked for breads, if she leans over in the balcony, of weakness, looked at the bakery all, the ceiling, the soil, the walls, and saw a door, ' ' Coveiro' ' if it scared, and quickly it bound this with the messages that receive, as flashes in its mind, it looked at for the side, it had a species of window, which Joo did not know well what it was, but imagined that the breads passed that way until arriving at the show window, inside looked at of that one ' ' buraco' ' saw a black, white man of preconception at that time, even though for Joo, looked at who it with anger, if holding not to xingar, that man did not have to work, would have to be enslaved, thus thought Joo, of Dutch family, and plus all the European immigrants. But Joo also was alone child, was not provided with as much anger, then it did not make nothing, the man smiled as one ' ' friend-da-ona' ' he makes, and Joo if he more still scared, he looked at again for the door, and read with calm, ' ' Par-I gave-ro' ' it thought ' ' hum I go to leave daqui' ' the bread left up there, without paying still, and ran for the supermarket, there it saw the prices, and it could buy three beans bags, it bought, and I change it left it in the pocket, although the will to buy bullets, boy came back toward house sounding cold, the father was brave, and it, inconsequential, made one ' ' face-of-bunda' ' when it had fear, and same having reasons, its language stopped, and wise person to only make this face. .


They had opened to the message, they clicaram in link and they had been waiting download longer of its lives. Each kbyte transferred was a part of the anguish that if went. Concluded Download, now was alone to clicar in opening, they if it enters they had looked at, they hesitated and finally they had opened. Ufa! It was hour to finish with that affliction, of finally seeing as it was, was hour to see it, was hour of of of if disappointing. They had not been very satisfied with the product, for them was a typical case of enganosa propaganda, but to who to appeal? To the Procon? However, It had explained previously that he was not well in the photo, what you unite is common the majority of the people.

But plus a thing contribua for this picture of disillusionment, the fact of it to have been nicknamed for its pairs ' ' rato' '. Later, they had also supplied to its descriptions and photos. The skill was to set a meeting to ratify or to rectify the impressions that they had had through the chat and with the photo. Good, the disillusionment I discourage and it to the times makes with that the women lose its enthusiasm and its disposal in if producing and arranging for individuals of the other sort of the species. Ah, if repentance killed the meeting surpassed the expectations.

It was everything and more a little of what they had thought and/or idealized. Much educated and smiling, It if presented, was likeable extremely and obtained to conquer them. It had liked what she had seen, mainly the nose. It was fissurada in men with great nose, inspired volpia to it. Beyond what, what it seems, obtained to find a positive correlation between nose great ouras parts of the body. But she was balanced when It, using of a deep knowledge on the feminine soul and its unreliabilities, said It: ' ' you are not everything this, not.


OF OF the MILL After the death of the wife in an car accident, Miguel passed not to have more joy of living. For it, the life did not have more enchantment. It was moved away from the friends, was displeased of the work. It decided to leave the job and to follow a new route in the life. It decided to leave the capital and life in the interior. Its intention was to buy a small farm where it could live isolated of the civilization.

Consulting announcements of property in a periodical, it found two announcements of small farm the sales. It wrote down the addresses in a paper, caught the car and it left to the dawn for the interior of the state. But, in the passage it was lost in crossroads, when a strong fog went down on the region. It stopped the car in the side of the highway, left the lighted lighthouses and it waited that the fog if wasted. But, the time was passing and the time did not improve.

It tried to bind the car again, but the engine remained inert. It pressed the accelerator diverse times, without result. The gasoline tank was almost full. Finding that perhaps he was something simple to fix, it decided to give one looked in the engine. He opened the door and he left the car at the accurate moment where one I propagate appeared in high speed and it almost ran over it. Miguel played itself stops backwards, but some thing beat in its head. It was idiot, the sights had darkened, the legs had been bambas. He felt himself to fall and to roll for the soil. When finally he stopped to fall, he remained lying, looking for to regularize the breath and the thoughts. He saw himself lying on relva humid.

Peroba History

She has who says that it was impression of it and that she atforava and if strengtove so that the people heard sound the same. Atimitava with the French mouth in one biquinho of one bonjour to emit the sound produced for the cow. It was known as Peroba! Eletinha a special affection for the animals. I find that when fell of mulanaquela another history that I counted reader to it, it would have to be in function dapressa, it could not approach the mule of the form usual as it made comos other animals. It was beside the point considerate with the animals. With asvacas it talked as great people, counted histories while she asordenhava, in some histories they were quiet, as she quemestivesse hearing serious things, already in others were uneasy comoquem doubted the veracity of the baboseiras of it. In dessassituaes, my father heard following history and I confirmed with the meutio times later: Numaocasio, it was in the small farm of the Braslio to see one burrinho to buy eachou the Three Peidos there. Knows that one burrinho where was in that one baileque counted to it? Therefore he is he himself, is of it that we are speaking! Entonegociou the ensiado animal, with all equipment of would mount and levoupara its house.

In the truth bought it to load some wicker baskets demilho that he had planted in a ribanceira. It commented, who the burropor to have the hooves small, and half closed, would obtain to firm hung emterreno. It possessed a horse, but he found that a donkey teriamais security and more income. Thus he made. He harvested the maize and he nogostou of trabalheira that gave in the harvest, when the drudgery findou, oburro already did not have more usefulness, vendeu the animal for my grandfather. Expensive reader, makes comfortable itself in its chair that I go to count history, the same one that at the time the Carcule Joo counted the heifer! Oburro that at that time was not called Three peidos ones! Lode with outronome, called Four Woods was a reference to the game of truco, cujaa Manila is valorosa between the others.

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