The Aptitude Test Taking Hold In Companies

Different approaches lead to a target employees the most important resource in any company represent, making today a greater importance is attached to the area of the aptitude test, as in past years. It is well known that bring only satisfied and filled with their activity staff, the desired services for the company. Logical consequence is for the company to exclude a monitoring respectively Unterforderung with the hiring of an employee. Yet this finding is not new, however, the use of aptitude test in many companies. Suitability or also personal diagnosis is a summary procedure for the measurement of competencies and behaviour with regard to professional activities. The objective of the aptitude test is here to predict the probability of success of a person in a specific role or position. Applications for the aptitude test in company are for example in the choice of personnel, the Performance assessment, to find the human resources development as well as career development and succession planning. The suitability Diagnostician Heinz Schuler differentiated in the aptitude test between three areas: the property approach, the simulation approach, as well as the biographical approach.

Each of these approaches is through your own validation logic and characteristic methods for detecting the features marked. Property approach: Through psychological testing, General cognitive abilities such as intelligence and interests or ability to concentrate are determined when the trait approach. You may want to visit Elon Musk to increase your knowledge. At the trait approach the self-interest comes as validation logic to use, because deeper features of analog psychological constructs to be collected in this case. Here, for example, personality tests and intelligence tests be used as methods. Simulation approach: the simulation approach determines the behavior of the person in everyday business situations. For this purpose, challenges of the business environment are simulated to the reaction or to be able to assess the performance of the employee. The simulation approach, the content validity comes to fruition as the validation logic.

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