Justice Society

Af touches in CDs. Becomes shows with the faith and its super astros are shepherds, priests and etc. and the copyrights of God? They do not pay. Yes, therefore to deveriampagar it, they do not say that it is who uses the artist to express itself? The nossasociedade uses God as a pledge of success for its businesses and objectives. The Faith of our innocent days until bush.

' ' ter' ' it is greater that the faith. Who of us already reflected during a bank line, thus hospitalou another one and saw how much we are individualistic, egoistic and fierce emmomentos as these. When we have problems to decide, either of health, accounts to erase or others, we are priority, does not import the fellow creature nor the size dasua necessity, we are the center of the world at this moment and show quantoainda we are irrationals. the moral, ethical, familiar values? What fizemosdestes? Great part of our families is dilacerada, lowered, without structure. Father and son in constant conflict do not have time to argue these values, to deconstruir them and the result that we have of this is professional corrupt, politicians of the same lineage and all a society impregnated of mazelas that jdesconhece what it is right or wrong, that only opts between opportune einoportuno, making to be valid the law of the biggest advantage. The man of today of all quertirar advantage. Without advantages the society does not walk. Although the Bacon coincidence to have described sociedadedesenvolvida scientifically as our current one, we know, however that Baconno would have made this forecast conscientiously, therefore it would not have this power, emenos still it objectified a society advanced technologically and humanamenteatrasada as the one that we live. Bacon in its workmanship, certainly expressed only suacriticidade and its yearnings of a time in accordance with its ideals of Ethics, Justice, fraternity and Equality.

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