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Argument at the beginning of the movie Daredevil falls wounded to a church where a priest who seems to know it serves. The rest of the story is seen from that point, as a reminder of what happened previously. As a boy, Matt Murdock lived with his father, a failed boxer. One day he found himself beat up another person, working for organized crime, and the escape took place in front of a truck carrying toxic waste. In that accident lost his sight, but instead developed his other senses to superhuman levels. In fact, your ear can appreciate the world around them in a manner similar to bats. Hell’s Kitchen, the neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, where he develops the film. Kingpin sues the father of Matt to lose one of his fights, but not to set a bad example for your child, clean fight and win. The Kingpin tells him to kill, and Matt found dead in the street with a rose.As an adult fight against crime in two ways: first as an attorney, defending poor clients and trying to achieve the sentencing for criminals, and as Daredevil, a guard who faces the criminals who fails to condemn. In a coffee shop meets Elektra Natchios Murdock, and the two begin a relationship. It is obscured when the Kingpin given to understand at a party Nicolas Natchios (Elektra’s father) is going to kill him, introducing a rose in his pocket. Nicolas leaves the party with his daughter, while Murdock realizes that something is wrong and the next. In the street, the car is attacked by Bullseye Nicolas, a murderer hired by the Kingpin, and defended by Daredevil. During his fight Bullseye Daredevil takes away one of their staffs and uses it to kill Nicholas. Having seen only a fraction, Daredevil Elektra think is the murderer.For its part, the reporter Ben Urich discovers Daredevil’s secret identity as a collector of curios shows that the stick can be mounted Daredevil and become a common stick, that although the collector was only that, Urich was recognized as a stick Matt Murdock when he used at the party. Without implying that knows his dual identity, Murdock tells Elektra’s life is indanger and that whoever killed her also might want to kill the remaining family. Elektra began training as a fighter, using Sai weapons, and eventually confronted Daredevil. After her death hit him off his mask, and knew it was Murdock. He understood that he was not the murderer, the murderer was Bullseye. He tried to attack him, but managed to catch the flight Bullseye his Sai and throw it back, and hurt her death. She threw a rose and continued to pursue Daredevil. Daredevil At this point enters the church where he entered the beginning of the film.After a long fight, Daredevil defeats Bullseye taking his hands and putting them in the way of a stray bullet from the police. Then he faces the Kingpin, and for roses knowing it was he who ordered to kill his father. But being already wounded and exhausted, the Kingpin defeats him and takes away the mask, revealing his identity. Still, Murdock uses the building’s fire prevention system to generate a mist, which lets you “see” at a certain level (due to the sound of crashing multiple drops over the entire surface), and with this advantage to defeat Kingpin. Despite knowing his identity not revealed because doing so would admit to jail who was defeated by a blind man. While strange to Elektra, Murdock finds a necklace that gives her to understand she is still alive. The reporter Ben Urich writes in his house a long newspaper article in which he revealed his knowledge of the double identity of Matt Murdock as Daredevil. Upon completion, she stops to consider it, and finally decided to delete it entirely.

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