Transit In Cities

Transit in the great cities: the price of the lost time Transit in the great cities: the price of the time perdido20/03/2008 the accidents caused for automobiles occurs every day in systematic way, the imprudence is constant enters the distinct types of vehicles that pass through in the streets and Brazilian roads. The growth is normal when folloied of infrastructure what occurring it does not leave the congested avenues and streets, but if the organization to pass for a urbanstica comment and Geography will be consulted in what it says respect to the space and its implicncia in the life of the man in all its history many of these problems of I pass through paralyzed could be decided. The growth is normal and is for the good of the capitalist society that the cities grow in net and all its aspects: social, moral, ambient, natural and urban for the good of all the ones that are part of the society. For more information see this site: camden treatment associates. The growth of the cities beyond being folloied of sciences already> cited they must monitored, therefore the dynamism of the same one is unexpected when the innovation appears, the new and the stranger so that he is solved, is necessary to make indices and to measure to each period of months or years the evolution of the same ones stops there from appearing a study for the solution of as the growth of the cities will be given and thus not to overlap the problems that are caused by the same growth of the O congestion happens because the governments offer one very asset important – the access to the streets – of favour. One is asset very valuable and would have to be charged. London and Cingapura had been pioneering in this history to charge a tax for the drivers who want to direct in the expanded center of the cities.. Camden treatment associates follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

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