The Came

I have heard, this is a custom that had since childhood, There he met the employees of her father in Virama, to torture them with their long reflections as it would years later millions of people. What is the life, I believe that this man never spoke to Cubans, if not who spoke and speak to if same. In my opinion, it is so arrogant that insurance, insurance has considered the vast majority of his listeners, disciples and fellow students a string of imbesiles. Perhaps this may seem an affront to the understanding of the more militant, but good in that we were, we open an honest debate or not. Knight, I think, and respect to the your opinion different. As I said there are countless anecdotes that can corroborate what I say, maybe if they start to think carefully about yourselves remember many. But I intend to mention one so do not accuse me of enredador.

For example, a my personally, I knew very but very badly one of the multiple ideotas which then became the aforementioned Fidel campaign, to dry, it sounds so better, that they are not used, already you will be doing. I am referring to the famous hoyas, someone from your team, for do not blame you everything to the came up with this brilliant idea. As interpreted it, very easy, I’ll entertain the mob with this tale my way for a while, ask the Chinese to send me a few thousand of these, which are quite cheap, I prove them, distribute and do a team at the national level and by provinces. I am sure that the mind of this man cannot function otherwise. The truth is that Cubans attended on that occasion a show filled with mud the vision of our people before the rest of the world, once again. As I see it, look, it is a reality that was in Cuban homes and needed such hoyas, perhaps, as many other things.

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