Television Services

With the respective tests, Movistar has responded to the limitations of the rate flat ADSL in VDSL connections. The operator of telephony, ADSL and Television Services has denied through an email the big news disclosed on the website of ADSLZone in the morning. According to the mail information published on ADSLZone is categorically false, and this is intended to be false the images of one of the most respectable pages regarding information of broadband and cable connections. Movistar confirmed to Silicon News that the single rate which is applied to is the Mini worth 19,90 euros ADSL, which reaches a top speed when traffic exceeds certain gigabytes. Telefonica has said that he would confine any tariffs, also adding that this does not affect users who contract now or previously connections like the VDSL and other ADSL connections. This is great news for those who want to hire a fixed connection with Movistar, it is clear that this is one of the operators more faces of Europe. Now Movistar wanted to respond to the limitations of the rate ADSL flat in VDSL connections.

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