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The Production of Web Design and Development

This dilemma was irrelevant if it is not because in the majority of cases is you hire us for a web design and we ended up doing the production of much of resources and content that are required for their proper development. In crude terms design a web means building a graphic identity, functional and communication strategically for a project specific, instead producing a web requires also plan, materialize and integrate the content required to build the site, the difference can summarize it is two words more work (more tasks to run, more development time) and how have mentioned it many times. No developer has problem in working more, when you can charge for it. Frequently Penguin Random House has said that publicly. Of all the sites that I’ve designed I can tell you that only on two occasions I have had the immense joy of having received accurate, consolidated and timely information for the efficient development of the web, which means that the rest of the cases I have had to make a management extra by thinking, synthesize, get, wait or edit the information necessary for the development of sites.

However, this that may already seem part of the job for any web developer and what we should get used to, has two major implications that we must analyses: one can not be guaranteed effective communication strategy if the company itself which is more known about his business (understand services, activities, purposes and competitive advantages) does not effectively and responsibly the task of selection preparation and strategic content to display within the site, editing is impossible to guarantee the success of the communication strategy to be developed within the site and therefore of the same purposes. It reduces the profitability of our operations on the other hand having to develop without economic agreement some or many of the tasks of production of the content to display on the web under construction, it has large consequences in the reduction of our profitability on the project, let’s see some examples: us takes more time all information requires us to make more visits to the company’s planned must execute more edits in texts and images than expected increases our logistics load have to be outstanding (more than normal) received the texts and images versus those who are still missing increases our anxiety by not descry an date of actual delivery of the project such as face the fact now that we have clear that producing a web requires more work that simply designing it, the question is, what can we do to reduce the negative consequences for both the project itself and our interests? It is obvious that it would be in bad taste ask the customer that what awaits us, if design or production, firstly because the client has no clear difference between both concepts, and second, because we could provoke mistrust, to think that our work does not include any research or field work..

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