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Everyone has long been known, perfumes, perfume, eau de toilette, perfume – are an integral part of every modern man. Not for no longer a secret that perfume is one of the most important parts of our style. Whatever nebyli fragrances they always accompany us wherever we go, and create certain impressions about cheloveke.No like to know what perfume will suit anyone better? What should be the quality of perfume or toilet water? What a difference in them? To early look at what is meant by perfumes. Perfume – a special composition of alcohol, water and concentrate odorants. Often consists of and dye, which only affects the color of the perfume. Perfumes and toilet waters differ in stability, the concentration of essential oils and saturated odor. Choose for yourself the spirits, if you need a long, unquenchable flavor, because the spirits contain a 90-percent alcohol and 15 percent or higher essential oils. If you prefer a weightless, gentle, soft scents that you should use the toilet water.

Spirits, in contrast to the toilet water is more suited to evening, and toilet water on the contrary, as the day, especially in active working time. The difference between male and female odors, is that men seem to be "stronger" and female "softer." And this is true, because fragrance for men is based on a strong scent of wood and is associated with masculine qualities such as endurance, strength, self-control. Women also smells are based on floral arrangements, emphasizing tenderness, sensuality, beautiful half of humanity. It is worth noting that addition of the "male" notok fragrances for women and vice versa, will bring spice or even daring in the choice of perfume parfyum.Opredelyayas to shop online, remember that whether perfume or toilet water, essential criterion should not be your preference, and the place of fragrance, time, etc. should be in harmony with the perfume time of year, style of clothing, situation, and most importantly reflect your personality.

Afonin Consultant

The next item – your speech and behavior. If the clothing we can appreciate even in a mirror, then remove the currently 24-hour movie and analyze it more difficult. Have you tried to look at ourselves in an amateur video? What are your impressions? And listen to your voice in writing? But how to change your look right? To achieve success, goals, implement plans. The first way – to see a counselor to the image. Aetna Inc.: the source for more info. The difficulty is that as a good doctor, to determine a good consultant is difficult. Services for your personal image consultation, and, in particular, personal assistance services in buying things (shopping accompaniment), about 1500 rubles per hour consultation at least, are rather expensive and not available to every working man or woman of average income. Do you understand the approach these services from this specialist, you can only after they take advantage of.

The choice of a specialist to work on the whole image (dress, speech, behavior) – requires you to have a more subtle approach. More accessible way – communion with the consultant on the Internet. For example, on the site, anyone can constantly receiving new information about fashion and style, to ask questions about the selection of the consultant's wardrobe. You can ask for comments from other visitors to their photos in their new clothes, get valuable information about how shop, how to behave in a shop, where to start forming your wardrobe and style. In addition, so you can get acquainted with the features and counseling to understand whether they are suitable for you personally. In addition, the site Our sites listener to become free of style and image consultant from the image in real time via the Internet. Moreover, you have the opportunity to become a free member training programs on personal style and on-line at expert to help you learn to choose the things of the same color, style, style, share experiences with other participants in learning, so get the necessary feedback. You can also become a party to the training of speech and the start learn to speak easily, beautifully and with appropriate professional The main thing – to have the desire and determination to work hard and independently to achieve their goals in personal and professional life! Reach. Elena Afonin, PhD, image consultant, author of the website

Coco Chanel

To complete the image requires a bright and stylish detail. In fashion – long gloves, men's hats, shoes roundnose. Prints – 'leopard', and large flowers. Also, a classic combination of black and white never goes out of fashion. Vary only styles and accessories. This autumn, the relevant ornaments of pearls and crowberry-frill.

Remember, this image should be left to chance. To read more click here: Elon Musk. And what about the evening gowns? When choosing a fashionable evening dress does not need to rush. Need to choose carefully. Read more from Brian Krzanich to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To begin with, and think decide what suits you best. You may be quite short or long classic evening dress.

If you want to look slimmer, then you should choose a dress that hugs the chest, if you are not tall and want to look taller, then you should pay attention to the dress with high waist and freely decaying bottom. This year, the fashion styles of the 80s, the length of the dress just below the knee and has a strict form. These boards allow the women to be gentle and modest and at the same time sexy and catchy. I guess as always, remained in fashion dresses with bare shoulders or high-cut, as a rule they drive men mad. When choosing colors, as well as mentioned above in a fashion classic – black, white. You can select a dress of blue, beige or chocolate brown. Not in any way, do not select dresses in bright colors. Still want to add a few words about the accessories, in particular bags. Coco Chanel herself thinks that it is impossible to look chic without fashionable handbags. By the way, a good bag is never enough J. When choosing a bag is worth remembering that the creators of such summer bags take into account the fact that women wear in the summer light clothing and light dresses, so the handles do shorter. In winter, the opposite. Although if so to understand there are no rules when choosing a bag, the main thing that it was convenient and comfortable. As for fashion trends? It's simple and democratic way, whether you will choose the style 'cowboy' or a bag with chains and metal, the most important thing is not afraid to experiment and create their own individual style.

English Velibritanii

Jewelry and jewelry have become an integral part of mankind's existence since its inception. The first archaeological finds proved there were more than 100 thousand years ago, there were beads made from sea shells. Throughout history, jewelry was accompanied by people and be with them even in the most critical times, when was a question of survival of a society or humanity as a whole. In the languages of all peoples there is a word or words denoting ornaments. But if we look at the origin, we see that it can be very different. For example, compare the most popular British jewelry (jewelry), and Russian – jewelry. If the Russian version of the original sound theme decorations, selection, English points to a completely different way. Jewelry, in English Velibritanii – jewellery, a derivative of jewel (jewel), which in turn leads to the Old French jouel and then to Latin jocale, which means a toy, or rather the thing to play with.

As you can see, the origin of words is very different, however, despite the fact that different people means different things in it word of the trends in the jewelry originally and now have a planetary character. Regardless of whether people have contacts in different times, or as they are now all in a single global space related to jewelry was very homogeneous. Despite the variety of jewelry, which he had made for himself a man, the focus was still jewelry. Moreover, there is virtually no part the body that people would not try to embellish these products.

Modern Fashion

Braiding of any kind, whether African or French braids, Senegalese or Thai – consuming procedure, which results in the original hairstyle. The best material for afrokosichek kanekalon – artificial strands that are woven into your hair. Pryadok color can be anything – close to your natural hair, or bright colors, giving your hair an exotic touch. Afrokosichki can climb up to the effect of live tip, or with truncated tip, when the ends of plastic sealed. Woven jewelry – beads, rezinochki, balloons – will make hair even more interesting. The number of braids depends on their thickness of the thinner – the easier and neater hairstyle looks. Senegalese braids differ from the classical technique of African weaving.

Stumble out of the two strands, similar to the flagella, and more elastic texture. As afrokosichki may be of different lengths and different colors. Thai braids weave their own, natural hair without the use of artificial material, because they do not recommend wearing more than a month, so as not to spoil hair structure. Tight braids close to the head, forming a contrast pattern – french braids – as spun by using artificial strands, and from his own hair, and can be combined with other afrokosichek. Using monofilament "pony" pony-hair-created tile. This is a classic African braids, with free, wavy ends. Plaits of the corrugated strands that looks similar to the "wet" chemistry and dragged on hair of medium length.

When woven into your own hair at the bottom left lock of loose, creating a volume and density. Curley – the same kind of weaving, but locks are in the form of elastic curls, and do not ripple, the hair is obtained from more rounded curl, lush and extensive. Dreadlocks – one of the most time-consuming hair, which may take several days. Those who believe that dreads – their style, "kata" sausages of your own hair. For the rest there alternatives, using subtle synthetic dreadlocks, which do not damage the hair and easily removed without damaging your own hair. Stylish afropricheska help you get rid of stereotypes and to allocate You among others, will bring into your life a pleasant variety.


By design skirts divide: bias cut – Flare (such as "Sun" and "polusolntse"), flared and straight. Expansion of direct skirts often created using a single or bilateral folds and slot. Buckle in such articles should provide an accurate, tight, strong bond details. It can be located in the side seams, front, rear, ie, where it is more convenient to use and made fashionable. Zipper in the pants to do with reducing the design or single cut codpiece and slope. Means fasteners can be loops and buttons or zippers.

In the skirts at the clasp hooks and loops requires single cut allowances and obtachek, zipper operates in the seam. In skirts and trousers belt construction can be stitched or single cut. The upper sections of the belt korsazhnoy make out with tape or padding. Upon graduation belt buckle have a button or hook and loop. If the ends of the belt in favor of the edge of the main parts, the protruding ends attach the loop, and the main part of the belt – buttons. Time of trousers and skirts used to for a tight encirclement shape at the waist, to ensure the safety cut, trim the upper edge of these products.

If necessary, the belt should be adjustable length (strap, belt loops for belt finishing vdevaniya, stock fabric in the seams, elastic webbing). The bottom of the product shall be resistant to abrasion, thin slices of allowance for Acc should not flake off during wear. Width bending must meet the density and thickness of the material, as well as the structure of the bottom – with a larger bell-bending width is reduced. In products made of silk and wool fabrics podshivochnaya line should be imperceptible to front side. Bottom of pants on a design distinction without sleeves and cuffs. The bottom of the cuff without bending perform basic details, and to strengthen the edges of the reinforcing ribbon nastrachivayut. The cuffs are single cut or stitched. Single cut cuff formed an increased allowance for Acc. Stitched cuffs used in sports trousers, similar in structure stitched cuffs in the sleeves of dresses, blouses. The bottom of the skirt the most common represents the boundary with the seam vpodgibku obmetannym cut. In some models, the inner edge of the allowance okantovyvayut or overlapping ribbon.

Cloak Shawl

The concept of "shawl" is gradually becoming obsolete and being replaced such thing as a "cape", "stole". True purpose of this course is not changed, as it did not name it. Others including Mark Bertolini, offer their opinions as well. Shawls and capes are very different, from customary "Angora" to cotton openwork, there are rabbit fur shawls and silk scarves, past us, the familiar of all, called the "veil", but scarves, capes, shawls are essentially the same purpose – to decorate and warm. On Each season has its own cape! If you think about what a good shawl is irreplaceable, and now, for every modern girl, woman. Imagine a cool, gloomy autumn, provided? And now remember their autumn coats. Coat, no doubt – well, because we once picked him with such love. Basic thing – in the locker room irreplaceable.

Yet so eager, so it was modified a little with your mood. And here to help shawl, cape, well if it is, in fact, more and larger sizes or laced with a fringe. You throws her coat on top, like a nice twist and "a miracle" today you look so much better! But we must not forget that Of course, much depends on the appearance of the shawl itself, but even then all – "a matter of taste." Among the variety you are sure will choose their own, and probably not one and not two! It's great to be useful shawl in cold weather premises, in street clothes, even if it is allowed, we will stay in place permanently unable, because this, at least, uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing. If you are wrapped in a warm cozy shawl, not only to warm up, do not feel stiffness, but will look simply amazing and elegant! Bright Cloak will add a dull gray or black dress. If you, for example, would need to be out of office after hours, just to go on an informal meeting – threw delicate scarlet or golden shawl over a black turtleneck and completely changed his appearance, just a minute! Even in summer you will not refuse myself the pleasure of a full-wrap cotton "Beauty", zasidevshis after sunset in a rocking chair or on a bench in the courtyard for deliberation of the next plan "to conquer the world!" So, regardless of whether your closet ready or not ready to accommodate to their new "neighbor" have all the same to him to press inside "the living" things and accept new tenants – "coquettes shawls!"

Tsvetotip Winter

Winter tsvetotipa representatives to determine the easiest. In humans, this type immediately struck by the contrast between skin color and hair. Most often, they have a very bright person, like porcelain, and, perhaps, with a bluish tint, and, as hair – burning black, dark ash or dark brown, dark brown, although there are also some platinum blonde. Nature rarely gives representatives of the winter dark skin. But to rank them for the winter tsvetotipu it allows cool gray, but not warm brown hair.

Especially give these people's eyes. They may have a different color: dark brown, green, dark blue, gray, black. However, it is always a clear view, which has taken additional brightness and contrast due to bright nezatumanennyh proteins. His lips were representatives of this trend bright with a bluish tint, and often dark eyebrows. Holders of a winter appearance, in spite of their apparently cool trend, suitable for both color and cold some shades of warm colors (except brown and yellow-green). (As opposed to Elon Musk). The main thing – it must be distinct and vivid saturated colors (often caustic), but not pastel.

Perhaps this is only tsvetotip, which ideally are pure white and pure black. It should also pay attention to burgundy, ruby, purple, dark purple, emerald green hues, and even caustic pink. If we talk about accessories, the cool sheen of silver and other white metals, as well as cool white pearl is better combined with the cold of winter, than yellow gold. Suitable fabrics for clothing are leather, satin, jersey, and any other shiny and smooth materials. Welcome to big picture. In winter, nature throws off the multicolored and variegated fall, plunging into the calm and majestic black and white silence. On the face of a lack of colors, their distinct contrast. And this contrast appears much brighter than in any other season. Winter – the energy of peace, privacy and peace. Winter, like a night star: bright, cold, silent, motionless, solitary, quiet, clear, majestic, simple and sophisticated at the same time, clearly contrasting with a darker sky. Winter – a symbol of balance. Winter – it is: an oval shape clear lines of masculine and feminine at the same time dark cool colors mean tissue density of high contrast, single-color medium size classic accessories

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