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Chess Of The Opposition

The Iran regime maneuvers sent massively humanly that day to come out of the green movement had so-called green movement little chance in appearance. The Government had planned the February 11 thoroughly and very carefully. Tens of thousands of adherents, perhaps also by the regime financially dependent, had after Tehran drive in buses from the provinces get President Ahmadinedschad to know that Iran had become a nuclear power. They were part of a big chess game, a staging for the world and for the State-run media in the Iran. While foreign journalists to the ceremony were invited, but they were invited only to the \”show\” and could not see the rest. The scattered demonstrations silenced massive presence of security forces around the official celebrations and throughout the city by force, before they could get to the scene of the event of the Government. In the West you would have to serve free beer, to attract the crowds in Tehran, there was free food, Candy and tea in endless stations, which should sweeten its presence among supporters of the regime.

Speaker in row and the speeches broadcast link that yes no skandiertes word of protest will be heard. The line Club President Ahmadinedschad understands it well to dominate the headlines through its provocations and excesses and to deduct any attention from the protests. In this case, reported he proudly the first enrichment of 20% igem uranium in the Iran and called for his country to nuclear power. \”His calculus arises when the opinion in the West: what are people in the Iran, if only not the crazy has a nuclear bomb in the hands, to blackmail us or us to inflict other damage\”, as recently assured me a German businessman. The headlines in Europe still too much focus on the provocations and produce too little of the opposition despite various reports.

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