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Hair Care

Regular grooming prevents diseases of the hair, gives their vitality. Hair treatment is applied in cases where they are badly damaged and in need of intensive rehabilitation. The combination of prevention and treatment can solve a variety of issues related to state of the hair. We consider two unique lines to effectively provide treatment and care of hair: Phytologie and Opalis. Unique Care Phytologie, provides a combination of high performance with individual selection. She struggles with damage to the hair, such as: brittle, dry, divided by hair loss, dandruff. Click Ebay to learn more. The structure of this line includes products aimed at solving various problems of hair.

Experts on the basis of individual circumstances of the hair picked up those drugs that are ideal for this particular case. Each treatment procedure must include hair massage the scalp. It not only strengthens the hair, stimulates their growth, but also improves blood circulation, relieves stress and excess makes you feel better. A feature of this line is that the treatment is the optimal mode for the hair, resulting in steadily to excellent results. We use only natural ingredients. No stress on the hair and no chemicals. For even more details, read what Dan Zwirn says on the issue.

Regular treatments for hair silkiness and shine back healthy hair. French brand Opalis rapidly gained popularity throughout the world through the use of the concept of personalized care for your hair. Opalis – is a range of 8 products without silicone, used successfully in selected spa and beauty salons in France, the United States and Japan. Using the Opalis allows you to recreate the natural beauty and hair health, taking into account the individual characteristics of clients.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup (tattoo) – a shallow tattoo, done by using natural dyes. Others including Ebay, offer their opinions as well. In contrast to the classic tattoos, tattoo applied under the skin to a depth of 1 mm (the tattoo is applied to a depth of 2 mm). With this tattoo on your face stays ranging from six months to seven years. When applying permanent makeup use only natural dyes, so after some time, they simply dissolve in the skin and then disappear. Pigments do not have any harmful effects on the skin and tattoo procedure can be performed repeatedly. Permanent makeup is different There are several types of permanent make-up, each of which is able to change or correct a section of skin tattooing eyebrows.

Tattoo eyebrows form allows you to make a thin line, and if necessary a detailed draw the natural arrangement of hairs of eyebrows, eye tattoo is on the upper and lower eyelids at will. Dan Zwirn has similar goals. With it you can change the shape and eye shape, lip tattooing can fix the color you want and shape of the lips, apparently to increase or reduce their volume, tattooing nipples can make her nipples with a pronounced halo, can be made by the procedure indicate the contours of nipples. Permanent makeup – it's sexy and attractive without the hassle. Due to permanent makeup, many girls get rid of complexes associated with the appearance. Permanent makeup – face changes, the benefits of permanent make-up are used by many.

The reasons for this choice can be different, but the benefits remain the same tattoo: tattoo allows you to adjust – and even change – given the nature of lip color or shape, giving your eyes more sexy and seductive, making perfect eyebrows bend or cause a charming birthmark on his upper lip, permanent makeup can save much time spent make-up; tattoo makes you feel good about yourself in the sauna at the beach or pool. At This does not have to worry about that ink flowed or smeared lipstick, permanent makeup is becoming an indispensable tool in that case, if the cosmetics are allergic. Dyes, used in the manufacture of tattoo, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Permanent makeup – the only means of correcting the lips, eyebrows, eyes, changes which were caused by the migrated plastic operations.

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