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About the Master in occupational risk prevention. On 1 September 2008, the notification that we finally arrived everything years we had been listening, the Master in occupational risk prevention is ended, became a reality through a notification from the National Institute of safety and health at work, which showed us that as of December 31, 2009 formative powers in such a topic would be for the Ministry of education all approvals being extinct granted by the Ministry of labour. From that moment, we began to move us to get to know what is going to happen now? Do the graduates approved by the Ministry of labour? How it will develop from that moment? Until when can we impart this Master? Answers to these questions not facilitated them us from the first day since neither they knew yet what was going to happen, they were gradually clarifying us our doubts and today everything is a little more clear, Although there are still many things explain all these issues we have been solving them to all those who were interested in our formative offer, but today, with only four calls that they are us ahead, we want to reach beyond and to those who still have doubts about this topic, you can resolve them. As well we showed in the first notification of the Institute on January 1, will be the Ministry of education who is responsible for managing all the formative action in higher occupational risk prevention matters. With the new Bologna, becomes a University graduate, in principle with a duration of 2 years, not enters to assess issues of duration and economic, because it isn’t what they now compete us.

However, we have the good news that the already qualified by the Ministry of labour, will remain superior technical in occupational risk prevention and which in principle will not have to complete additional training to continue as such. Under most conditions Wendy Holman would agree. It is currently recommended to all graduates who complete it until they disappear the calls have been approved by the Ministry of labour, if they are not in possession of the full qualification with the 3 specialties, but just to not be in disadvantage labour with respect to new college graduates, since during the postgraduate programme, the three specialties are may be pursuing by default. For the same reason those interested in carry out this Master until it comes to an end, also advisable to do it from the beginning with the three specialties. To this day, we can already answer with certainty until when can impart this Master, since after you apply for it on several occasions, finally we have been awarded an extension to continue teaching the Master. The condition is to start before December 31 and finish before June 30, because the calls with current start date, it is impossible that they will be completed before the end of this year. There are still many issues to resolve but at least we know that after 31 December, only us You will be completing the already initiated calls. Official master in prevention of labour risks publication BOPA (Bulletin official of Principality of Asturias) normative services training original author and source of the article Center

Civil Case

I'll show you how to play the court. How to win? Try it for yourself to conclude from written after the word "but" 1. On the questions of the court and the opponent did not answer clearly. At trial, did not speak directly. Yulite, let in the fog. At necessary, saying that bad remember. It will not allow the enemy to rely on your word and give you the opportunity later to correct or even change the foregoing.

However, in any such conduct on-site judges will conclusion, you say you should not trust. 2. Rummage in the legislation and will hit the court his legal knowledge. Often read the specific articles of the law. The court can not remember them or even know. However, if you're not a lawyer, then no matter how hard, the law will not understand. The result will come to an error and it will persist.

And if a lawyer, you understand that the need to assert, as a rule, not the law, and the events of the case. 3. Collect as many arguments in your favor and tell them everything. Not one, so the other can convince the court. A leading source for info: David Moross, HighPost Capital. Some – but be decisive. However, the questionable arguments detract from the solid to undermine the credibility of the position as a whole and show your uncertainty about the credibility of each argument. ny-commerce-bancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions, an internet resource. 4. Do not open your trump cards at once. Saved the main argument and razite them at the end of proceedings. Make it so that the argument was unexpected, that the enemy had no time to think over objection.

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