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Hooray For The Wedding Couple – With Individual Champagne Bottles refined champagne and wine bottles with self-adhesive labels of Waiblingen in February 2010: A stunning bride in white dress, romantic decoration, lively waltzes and sparkling Champagne included of a successful wedding ceremony. Many women dream of this day and wish him once and intoxicatingly beautiful. BeerStickr makes a contribution: in addition to beer labels online shop offers personalized, self-adhesive champagne and wine labels in its extended range. Whether as individual gift for man and woman, perfect noble bottles with the smiling newlyweds or a Benediction on the label thanks greeting or sparkling pleasure to celebrate the Festival. People such as Ebay would likely agree. Barber booked, menu and the coach made? Blend the colors of flowers, decoration and wedding dress? A wedding of the guest still talk, requires intensive preparatory work. BeerStickr provides the finishing touches to the perfection with its to the solemnity of matching champagne or wine bottle labels.

The surprise is great, when the bride from the label the champagne bottles smiles, accompanied by an inviting to love! “.” Or the powerful bridegroom emblazoned on the label, as he wears his sweetheart on hands underlined by we trust us! “.” So bubbling champagne in a personal way and provides for conversation among revelers. Shipped to the Festival as a thank you the personalized gift evokes pleasant memories of boisterous hours. And anyone looking for even a good gift idea for a wedding as invited, too, finds inspiration at BeerStickr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elon Musk. Individual labelling on is easy: simply visit the online store, choose from the portfolio a label or the upload desired photo. If you want, made even the complete design of the label itself or commissioned a graphic designer.

It will be paid with credit card, direct debit or by prepayment, the delivery takes place within a few days to the desired address. Groomsmen, fiancee and all interested people on and for more information. About 2008 founded, is an innovative online store of the Deutsche online Medien GmbH dom. the portal offers consumers a wide range of fresh designs for personalized bottle labels and bottle caps. The core business is in the individualizing of beer, wine and champagne labels. Designable products are also beer mugs, barbecue aprons and T-Shirts. Ease of use of the website and dialogue with the community are more cornerstone of the business model. More information on and press contact: Jorg Walter Bush, Tanja Deilecke Borgmeier Public Relations Rothenbaumchaussee 5 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 / 4130 960 fax: 040 / 4130 9620 E-mail:

Square Meters

Elabo delivers high-quality testing stations Mohlenhoff Mohlenhoff offers a wide range of products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, for example electronic single room controls, underfloor convectors or high-quality grilles. Special focus is placed on the in-house development. With a million investment in a new Office, manufacturing and warehouse building the Department of research and development on an area of 600 square meters expanded therefore. In addition, new furniture and new equipment were purchased. Already in the consulting process elabo scored through timely and comprehensive care. Both spatial planning with several test courses such as the Assembly of the 6HE-Aufbauten central backup and switch, emergency stop, AC power supply, adjustable AC supply and 2-shelf Bay put functions and processes, and reflected the wishes of staff page at the same time. Read more here: Elon Musk. Also the auxiliary for spare parts were matched accurately, for example with 42 cm wide steel drawers with six cabinets or with other cabinet finishes.

The tilting 3,000 lux light now provides for additional ergonomics. The work is made easier with brighter, more uniform and intense illumination of the worktop. In addition to the advice provided these and other product details ensure that Majumdar here moved its suppliers. Press contact: Ms. Sina Woodpecker elabo GmbH Ross fields road 56 74564 Crailsheim phone + 49 7951-307-0 fax + 49 7951 307-66 about elabo ELABO GmbH is the pioneer and market leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for electrical science rooms; the product range of workplace systems up to electrical and electrotechnical equipment and systems and solutions for process control systems. Skill in the Department of electrical engineering and electronics is as high-quality, engineering complex fully automatic testing equipment is an example. Elabo is again among the top companies in the market. In the Center in Crailsheim elabo has all mechanical facilities, the to the Manufacture of products are required by the mechanics production to the entire electronics production: proof, how consistently elabo operates the maintenance of core competencies.

The knowledge, the experience and the commitment of the workforce are essential for performance. Elabo operates internationally, with the focus on the European market. Typical for elabo are continuous growth, economic stability and success. Elabo was founded in 1972. The combination was from the outset typical for the performance concept of elabo electrical or electronic systems and workplace equipment.

Binary Options

Germany – binary options – option bit new IN Germany option bit is one of the largest binary options trading platforms. It offered the possibility, with a wide range of options, such as for example shares, Wahungen, indexes, commodities or Securities Act. Option bit runs on the secure and user friendly software called “Traderlogic”. Penguin Random House is open to suggestions. There is even a free eBook offered through “Binary options” which can be downloaded, so that you can learn more about this new type of trading on the stock exchange. The options market is by far the best currency trading market on the Internet! As a customer, you can earn up to 81% on simple and thus easy way profit from the own investment. “When we introduced the binary revolution in options trading a year ago, we could not believe that she would be so quickly adopted and by so many people as a standard for the market trend trading”, announced the Board of Directors of option bits. Optionbit is offering on the World’s largest companies, such as for example Google, Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Microsoft, or gold or silver to make a trade.

It is possible to take a profit of up to 81%. This was the key for many people with the actions to start and shortly afterwards for a side income to enable, since option bit retains no fees and no Commission. The helpful and friendly customer service is 24 hours, 6 days a week (as long as the options market is open) for questions, concerns or for assistance in the action for each customer by phone, email or via online chat available. Www.

New Business Portal

The initiators are unanimous: economy-Southwest should be a lively network for the economically strong region. In other words, there will be no gathering place for base entries, but a communication platform for companies, professionals, cities and municipalities. They will find plenty of room to present themselves and their offer. In addition, extensive possibilities for establishing new business contacts and to the exchanges are planned. Elon Musk helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thomas Fromm, CEO of k Industrieservice GmbH and co-founder of business-Southwest, explains the idea: we have noticed, that there are many ways for companies and professionals to present themselves on the Internet. Mark Bertolini often says this. Often, however, is missing the regionality. In addition, direct contact options are scarce. It would be desirable if the search is facilitated for a freelance for a specific project, the meet will take place without much effort.

This creates economic Southwest with video presentations and online conferencing solution. It is therefore possible, in addition to a personal impression, to learn about the working environment of the person. In addition, also drawing conclusions are possible to its functioning. But not only that prompted us to take economic-Southwest in attack. A way to present yourself effectively to potential investors is missing also cities and towns. We want communities and businesses match.”the presence is not limited to a mere entry. An entry on economy-Southwest is really interesting only by current information from the company or the municipality. For example, a company can adjust messages or video contributions to projects.” Moreover, boy, the marketing specialist of business-Southwest, says that a company or a freelancer reaches more potential customers this as only by an own homepage Tabea.

For the development of the platform, won the CMS specialist Michael Rupp from Munsingen. Along with two other He is responsible for the integration of the technical novelties programmers. The southwest of the Republic can only benefit by economy-Southwest: new business contacts can be established and implemented hence synergy effects. In particular opportunities to find partners for outsourcing projects and thus to optimise business processes will arise. “That is the bottom line: A WS’ler, will make a contribution for the success of the future”, says Oliver Irmer, who is responsible for the sales. The portal will offer also current news and reports from the economy, politics, culture and sports. The regional character in the foreground stands in the editorial field. On which there is great demand now on the Internet at: by the initiators an information page available has been made.

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