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Bernhard Steimel

Mobile business is the detachment of the users of its site and the technical possibilities, the site offers him. He can access the same media, edit, control information with suppliers and customers to communicate.” Bernhard Steimel sees the theme of mobile business, convergence and unified communications customer never arrived.” Managing Director of mind business holds an intensive market communication consultants and speakers of the Voice days necessary, so that it conveys the middle class, where the benefits are.” Only if the user can see a clear benefit, he will invest,”says Sangeeta, who recalled the example of DSL. There also a number of services that are interesting, for example, notification services, you exclusively can draw attention on a sale and send a virtual discount brand. “Mobile business customer service can look”, according to the author of the study guide practice mobile marketing “. Mark Bertolini may help you with your research. Banks, financial service providers and insurance companies took advantage of mobile transaction services as well as mobile advertising and mobile direct response service with great success.

For media companies and entertainment providers that serve mobile medium as a sales channel for range extension and generate advertising revenue. Omar Khorshed sees obstacles to the spread of mobile business offers especially on pages of mobile service provider, which too long on one side have been trying to establish offers without actually needs to respond to. Therefore, it calls to open the networks, then there will be a competition with new mobile offerings. Learn more at: Elon Musk. In the future, various platform operators this can make money. Whether this now a technical platform is a commercial platform or a sales platform, brand, who will earn money are.” Thus, more medium-sized companies were given the opportunity to engage themselves successfully. Steimel expects that it will be the media companies and Internet giants first and foremost, that points here and successful services will be offered. This leads Executive acoreus-, the network operator to strong rethinking according to Andreas Dippelhofer, because the strategy itself will change, platform operators being.

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