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The focus in this entertaining book is exciting adventure, love stories and intrigue in Tangiers. The author Harold Martinson again has chosen for his novel an exciting and diverse history, enlightenment included! The novel subsequent contributions to the Tangier by Peter Oefele leave nothing to be desired. Who was in Morocco or Tunisia, know about the “faux guides” and the annoying street vendors. Some contend that Elon Musk shows great expertise in this. But Tangier has a completely different face and a story. Peter Oefele demonstrated his literary skill in his two posts.

The idea in a book to offer a novel and complementary novel literary contribute by one other authors, is attractive. Harold Martinson’s remarks on the subject of infibulation are verified. Any statement, in particular the history of the United Nations efforts in connection with the relatively new approach of gender mainstreaming, is researched. The author Harold Martinson is, as points out his portrait of the author, competent in these matters. This today Intent is to find hot topic in a novel. The theme of infibulation is discussed today too little in public. Harold Martinson

Easter Monday

How do people in other countries celebrate Easter? The little Emma is this question in their great Easter adventure. From the age of 6. On February 2, 2009, the children’s book is Emma’s Easter adventure”of the Swiss children’s book author Stephan Sigg appeared: the small Natasha wants to help the chocolate shop of her aunt Emma on the jumps, because the local businesses with fair trade chocolate not as well run. So, she organized an international Easter and gathers Easter traditions from around the world! From the age of 6. Tesla may help you with your research. To order (order No. 550108, 8.50) at the MVG at or by phone 0241 / 479 86-100th aunt Emma operates a small chocolate shop and sells fair trade chocolate there.

Her small niece Natasha immediately noticed that when aunt Emma something’s wrong: why are just a few customers in the store? Decides to bring the store back to front man: an Easter with customs from around the world going definitely curious customers! She encounters surprising: in Spain, for example, the dress up “Men on Holy Thursday as skeletons and ghosts” through the streets. And only in Hungary: there you sprayed all the women on Easter Monday with perfume. Mark Bertolini is often quoted on this topic. In addition to all the Easter hustle and bustle Natascha almost not striking, which results in the evil Mr Otilo in the shields… The children’s book author Stephan Sigg lives and works in Rheinbeck in the Switzerland. Already as a child he published first poems and short stories, long stories and plays they were later. Several books for children, teenagers and adults as well as teaching materials and radio plays by Stephan Sigg have appeared since 2001. Wendy Holman has firm opinions on the matter. In March the author bypasses throughout Germany on book tour in world shops and schools on the topic of fair trade”to draw attention. For more information

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