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The Kabbalah

We focus on me, I, I how can I feel better?, and what can I do to win, me, more money/fame/power? However, we know clearly that this way to happiness is paved with competition, envy, solitude and pain. Obviously, this is the opposite to what we think when we are in love, when all our thoughts are directed towards each other, and the only thing that matters is that person. When we are in love, just think of what we can do for him/her? If we look at our everyday reality for a moment, and look at us from a broader perspective, we will see that we feel better precisely when we are in harmony with the quality of love, because we intoning our inner frequency to a frequency that is prevalent throughout nature, the flow of the entire universe. If asked even to scientists, they would agree that all living organisms, comply with the law of love. This is because all the other parts of living organisms and cells interact according to the principle of granting, giving one another, constantly, with the purpose of caring for the essential functions and the well-being of the whole body and its vitality. Even human bodies adhere to the laws of nature in this same way, since the Agency works to an animal level. It is only in the human level of our interactions in our thoughts and feelings-we started to divert us in another direction.

The human level in us is where we feel our I, our identity, and our constant concern to ourselves. Since this part in us is focused on profits and personal interests, usually we do not realize that the world is a whole, holistic, interconnected and interdependent. In other words, we are losing sight, that the pleasure or the suffering of other people are intimately linked to our interiority, and that our well-being directly depends on the well-being of others. The Kabbalah helps us to refocus and see in detail what is happening, as when you look at things under a magnifying glass. Then we realize that the law of nature, of absolute love universal, instinctive, natural, attentive and careful – is far from being made at the human level.

When we harmonise with nature we experience a love Infinity if we change this trend, and begin to consider others according to the Act of granting, feel that special feeling of love all the time, not only in short periods of time; Since we will be participating in the flow of nature, integrally, as do the cells of the body. We simply fusionaremos us with the rest of nature and everything that surrounds us, in pure love. This harmony with nature to human level will bring a feeling of infinite love, pleasure and peace. This sentiment is considered infinite since when we perceive it, the limits between us simply fade, and literally feel to others as if they were part of ourselves. For both, a relationship of love and grant is not only a change of attitude or perception, but a fundamental and lasting improvement of our quality of life. Our relationships will become harmonious when we remember the infinite love that we can experience by changing our approach to reception for ourselves to grant. Then, we will find the balance not only in our personal lives, but also compared to the rest of inhabitants on Earth.

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