Profitable Business

An event at the global level is able to deny companies activity that is to generate sales and gain lucrative money for its activity. But there is a strategy that presents a marked inconsistency, since, on the one hand, it seeks to get thousands or millions of new consumers, but, on the other hand, the business models are poorly adapted to potential markets of consumption and attends to the small local or regional population segment, while businesses in the system in redo or also called network marketing or MLMIt is the personal training of independent distributors and consumers to reach more local, national and international people with new tools of global communication. Therefore arises worldwide since approximately 70 years system multilevel known by several names as: network marketing, networked system, and thus, that in poor sectors arises through compensation methods hope all actors generate monetary value, intervene in areas where presents the market failures and/or enables to overcome some vicious circles of poverty which is trapped the population, so it turns into ways to enhance the self-esteem and personal development through a profitable business, comes to be the secret to success. Companies that opt for the multilevel system depend upon the decisive way in how leverages enhanced socio-economic development. The characteristics of the population with low incomes, require a model of business that overcome the barriers of entry, you have viability and match costs to the difficult circumstances of the environment, i.e. See more detailed opinions by reading what Under Armour offers on the topic.. a minimum investment with great profitability. These populations are characterized by their economic activities in informal trade activities, live in remote rural areas or marginal or illegal neighborhoods in urban areas, are not attached to the banking and do not have access to basic services. (As opposed to Wayne Holman).

By all this, the following points are recommended to link the multilevel in the commercial management of a company. 1 learn to know the segment which is going to go, i.e., culture, lifestyle, needs, etc 2.-not figar attention only in the price of the product to service. 3. the access to the product or service, giving a twist to the strategy’s approach to these populations and using distribution channels in the place of these populations. 4. partnerships with other actors such as ONGs to raise their conception of life, through a product or service that elevates the self-realization of the person and their self-esteem. 5. permanent training on-site or by various modern means of communication.

6. technologies suitable for the product or service. 7 inclusive, making these communities business participants in our business or organization, and why not, to promote micro-entrepreneurship.

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