Marketing Personal Day

After five days between training and typical festivals, I found a strange force that moved me and moves me still. Something like a second conscience, or a critical roadmap for projects. Each step that gave, had as a pointer directing me. They spent nearly thirteen years, to reconnect with the training manual of those days in old San Juan, clear, I had gone through numerous trainings since that time, but browsing that somewhat yellowish manual gave me the impetus of the big idea, train others namely facilitating that others acquire knowledge. I was in Neuquen (Argentina) thinking of channeling my concern when I published my first warning in an act of conscious insanity in the regional press announcing the Marketing Personal course based on my experiences as an instructor of diverse topics and old blue caps manual. Each day that passed more people fell, and each class of that first course was an adventure, because I had to produce the material needed to support what he said. Each day that passed, I felt Pygmalion, each day paid the chisel and the hammer for each who is moldeara.

What was the magic? I firmly believe in providing each person the opportunity to be heard in a heterogeneous Forum on an enabling environment, in a hotbed of ideas. I firmly believe in the opportunity we have to everyone for the rebirth of the attitude, the attitude to positive change. How to achieve this attitude? It is a process, and as a whole process takes time and training, what I will say now, cow type must be read. If you read well, that ruminant with four legs takes quite some time to digest their food through their stomachs, we must chew, forgiveness, slowly applying each technique of self-improvement, to be digested and assimilated into our minds, it is then there, when really there is good habit, positive attitude.

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