Graphical Quantity Determination

Unique integration of CAD in AVA the construction software specialist SOFTTECH expanded with the new version of AVANTI 2010 the prestigious tender program a unique opportunity: A fully integrated, reduced to the basics CAD component for the determination of quantities. For each calculator and writing out easy-to-use, quantities can be determined graphically and associated with the positions with a mouse click. Thus, the offset on the paper with a ruler and Calculator definitely belongs to the past. Built-in control functions and the possibility of a graphical documentation provide additional security at tender, award and settlement here. This combination of AVA CAD, was possible because SOFTTECH for more than ten years the CAD program SPIRIT and the AVA program AVANTI developed in the same House: long-standing expert knowledge flows from one product to another. As a result, among the standard scope now the graphical determination of quantities and is thus automatically all users of the new AVANTI 2010 available. The To make dealing with the graphical determination of quantities as easy and quick to learn, the drawing tools have been reduced to the simple 2D-Grundgeometrien line, polyline, and arc. Also the design in 3D is quite deliberately not possible.

Plans are as image file (bmp, jpg), dxf/dwg – or SPIRIT-format in AVANTI 2010 read and form the basis for an exact calculation of the volumes there. With included character styles, the different structures such as walls, surfaces, etc. are recorded and passed to the tendering program. Additionally, a selection window queries all geometry properties that should be applied. Is recorded once in the lot, how can for example for the screed, it later again associated with in an other unions, for example, the tile work. The numbers must not be determined so new for each position. The control functions, resulting from the combination of AVA CAD are also unique: you open an AVA window at the same time with the already assigned to items in the plan are highlighted by clicking on a position a drawing. Also, the drawings with the covered surfaces can be stored and used at a later time to check. Changes are everyday by architect: planning changes in the underlying CAD drawing, change the quantities in the output directory with the mouse also.

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