Media Buying Services In Comparison

Media sale at fixed prices online easily +++ proceeds after one to seven days on the account +++ portal comparison necessary to achieve best conditions +++ HAMBURG, August 02, 2011 –, the portal for cross-industry tests in the Internet, has compared six portals for media purchase at a fixed price. In the service section best, reached sixth place. All services transferred the previously agreed fee for the sent media over a period of one to seven days. However, the offered prices for the merchandise differed significantly. Offered for a PlayStation 3 game between 6 and 16 euro, the offer amounted to a DVD trilogy between 8 and 19 euros. Who wants to sell his used goods over the Internet, should be sure to test using EAN-Code input, in which provider it achieves the best price.

Depending on the specialization of the dealer, the best rates are available for CDs, DVDs, or games. Acquisition services acquire used CDs, DVDs, or games to them on the Internet to resell. The user enters to just name or barcode number of articles on the website, that he wants to leave. MetLifes opinions are not widely known. Will appear for each product, whether and at what price it is assumed. The seller the price is agreed, he sends in the article. After examination of the goods, the purchase service will transfer to the customer the agreed sum.

Which provider in this segment offers the best all-round package, found The Berlin purchase service achieved test victory with a score of 1.9. In addition to the simple handling convinced the most professional website with high purchase prices. Behind the portal ends up (2.0) with an exceptionally comfortable product search function. Place three goes with 2.1 close to, the provider with the fastest transfer. At (2,3), you get the highest payouts while the average, it takes the processing here longest. Always still “satisfactory” cut (2.7) and (2.8) on the ranks of five used media and six down. Conclusion: not obtained high revenues to purchase services. Who wants to dispose of used CDs, DVDs, or games on the fly and add a little more money, is right in here. Since prices may change daily, worth a price comparison of several purchasing services. Even with large quantities of goods worth the request for the purchase platforms, because there are some special conditions and decreases the postage costs per object. Detailed information about the test here: media purchase portals-comparison / company description on the independent test Portal is since 2009 online and belongs to the site portfolio of Internet GmbH. Every week a new online supplier comparative test will be published on In this test, consumers learn what portal in Internet performance, value for money and customer service delivers the best performance. Pro test up to ten of a comparable service providers are thoroughly examined and evaluated individually. A team of professional, experienced journalists performs the tests.

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