Gastric Band

If you are looking to reduce your weight quickly and permanently, the gastric band is without a doubt your best option. The gastric band is a surgery that involves little risk, and involves placing a band around the stomach, to control the amount of food as well. The upper part of the already divided stomach is much smaller than the bottom. What happens is that he creates an effect of hourglass where it is permitted to accept a small portion of food. This way, the patient will feel full soon, which in the long run will make you lose weight unchanged way, avoiding the excesses in the diet.

The gastric band is an adjustable silicone band, which allows that it adapts over time according to the needs of the person. Enough a special needle, the surgeon to perform the necessary adjustment, thus, shall not be subject to new surgeries. Surgery of the gastric band that lasts little more than one hour, requires general anesthesia, however, to be a laparoscopic surgery, the bleeding is virtually nil. The gastric band has long-term results. It is estimated that the person loses 40% of the weight in two years from the completion of the operation.

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