Dianetics Center

A four and a half hour, Visual presentation gives a complete understanding of Dianetics and the Dianetics auditing since the author L. Ron Hubbard in 1950 his book “Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind”, published, the book has been sold already several million times. However, there was some confusion what Dianetics is really and how to use Dianetics. There were various Dianetics seminars with mutual auditing which have been successful over the years. Now, the book was published as a film presentation – in 15 different languages. A total of 32 films are divided into 2 DVDs, visual presentations. You are a presentation of the Dianetics from A to Z.

The films provide a very good understanding of Dianetics and you get a very good idea how Dianetics does. The progress of computer special effects also provide a very good graphical representation of the mind. A huge undertaking was to represent the Dianetics book into a movie. Read more from Intel to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Where does one start? The answer was found in the Dianetics book itself. To read in the chapter, as the book is. And thus declared it by itself, how the films should be rebuilt. You start very simply and in the wider application. Rather than overwhelm the person with everything at once, each fact of auditing is illustrated in different ways, just like in the book.

Dvd1 contains “How to the Dianetics use” with 14 chapters with a total one and a half hours. It starts at the lowest level and presents step by step, to the point where a new person can begin to audit Dianetics. It begins with an introduction – just like in the demolition of the Dianetics book. Everything from the impact of painful experiences to the State of clear, is described and illustrated. The second DVD “Aspects of auditing”, shows various aspects of Dianetics method. It contains 18 separate movies, presenting a specific aspect of the Dianetics to get complete understanding of auditing and its application. Every aspect of Dianetics and of auditing (counseling) is described in detail in clonedvd2. Various terms and the concept, etc. are explained. Why do such as pain, if an Engramm * re stimulates is and how you can restore the life force of the certified. Also shows how engrams are contagious and are passed on to next generations. Why you should be calm when injured or when the birth shows very well. Engramm types are shown as well as advisers in dealing with injuries and much more. These two DVDs – “How to use the Dianetics” and “Aspects of auditing”, including the movie Guide and the accompanying Guide, give a complete understanding of Dianetics and can be applied by anyone, whether they are at home or in a Dianetics Center. Dianetics is a part of the Scientology religion.

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