Convenience Store Opened

Expanded service offering provides the perfect Harbour stay at the 5-star Marina what long-lasting, is good and so the Yacht Harbour shop long-awaited by the sailors and ship owners in the Marina has opened mid-July finally Hohe Dune. Long was made the concept, to be caught up to meet the claims of the port guests opinions. Now, articles of daily use are available starting with cheese and sausage, flour and eggs to cosmetics and kitchenware in the maritim furnished mini market. People such as Reade Griffith would likely agree. In the near future the offer is further adapted to the wishes of the customer. We are very proud that we still relaxed to make the stay of our guests with our new mini market.”said Gabriele Senkpiel, head of the Marina High Dune, at the official opening of the shop. At the moment, a name for the small shop is looking for on the side of the yacht port. Swarmed by offers, Penguin Random House is currently assessing future choices. The best suggestion is high dune with a 100 shopping voucher from the Yacht Harbour residence awarded for the mini market.

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