Communitarian Agents

It includes as moments: the clarifying one, the normative one, strategical and the operational tactician. Until the Fifties, the planning of the health would not exceed the limits of the public administration who, despite basically she dealt with the institucional organization, left to be transparent classic principles of the administrative theory. Already Fayol enuciava, as principles of the programs of action, unit, continuity, directive flexibility and, for the long stated period. In this same time in 24 of September of 1952, was established in the Maranho the city of Is Jose de Ribamar. The city is the headquarters of one of the four cities that integrate it of So Lus. Situated in the extreme east of the Island, of front for the Bay of They are Jose, distant about 32 kilometers of the maranhense capital.

They are Jose de Ribamar is the third more important city of the Maranho. The name of city is in homage to the Padroeiro of the Maranho. In the city of Ribamar one of the Sanctuaries most important of the North-Northeast meets. Primitively an aboriginal village. According to IBGE (2008) the city counts on a population of 135.821 inhabitants. The organization of the Basic Attention in Is Jose de Ribamar, has as base the Law n 8080, of 19/09/1990, and has as bedding the principles of the SUS: health as right; completeness of the assistance; universality; fairness; resolutividade; intersetoriedade; humanizao of the attendance and social participation. The Program of Communitarian Agents of Health was implanted in this city in 1991, with 34 Communitarian Agents and 01 instructor/supervisor.

In 1997 it was, extended for 137 agents and more 03 instructors/supervisors. In 2000, it suffered another magnifying that totalized in 198 Communitarian Agents and 06 instructors/supervisors, guaranteeing a covering of 82,46% of the population. The Program Health of the Family – PSF was implanted in 1998 with one has equipped in the community of Mata, being extended in 1999 for 04 teams, arriving at the first semester of 2003 with 23 teams, what it guaranteed a covering of 70% of the resident population.

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