Before nothing, you must of knowledge that is bottoms that invest in foreign currency, or dollars or Euros that in addition they have like main objective the maximum yield. The risk of these bottoms is always equal or smaller to the one of the market generally, since this type of bottoms uses cover techniques, there am the name and there am there its main advantage there also. These investment funds, are structured generally like a capital society, where main the contributor one becomes the manager of the same, therefore, the same investor turns out to be the main person in charge of the investment decisions. The main objective of this type of investment funds is to buy dollars to the type of change determined by the Bank of Mexico for the document operations that are deposited in a chequera of investments in Mexico. This type of investment is widely recommendable for which they wish to protect his resources against a depreciation of the weight with respect to the dollar.

This way, the real yield of the investments in cover will depend on evolution of the parity weigh-dollar. In case of occurring a devaluation, you as investor you would obtain benefits. So now that already you know more on this type of investment funds, decdete to invest your money in this excellent alternative that I present/display to you..

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