Changes Of The Riester Pension In 2012

For Riester savers there from 2012 3 significant changes to note 2012 there are some changes in the Government-sponsored Riester pension. These changes affect the earliest age for the retirement, the regulations on the minimum contribution for persons who are eligible by the spouse and the height of at Riester pensions guarantee interest. Fruhstmoglicher Riester-pension related rises 62 years from 2012 the gradual transition to the pension begins in the statutory pension insurance with 67. The statutory retirement age increases gradually from 65 to 67 years depending on the year of birth. In the context of this amendment the earliest early retirement from 60 to 62 years increases for new Riester contracts also. The change is here however not gradually done. Raised early retirement applies for all Riester new contracts from 2012. The Government funded Rurup contracts and also funded occupational pensions are affected by the changes.

Minimum contribution funding may indirectly also for indirectly funding authorized persons means that a person who is not entitled to the Riester promotion, promote is authorized by an eligible marriage partner, even. a> offers on the topic.. These people had to make so far no contribution to receive funding. 2012 also indirectly eligible person County must contribute minimum equity from 60 Euro a year. Contact information is here: Reade Griffith. This change of the conditions of eligibility is a response to the mass recovery of allowances that has caused great uncertainty among the Riester savers. The recoveries were raised because people that had to pay no minimum contribution so far, were now contributions through a change in their social status. Most people have failed through ignorance from the change of status of social insurance to pay their own contributions, triggering the recoveries were. support this cause.

The uniform minimum own contribution should Recoveries in future be avoided. Lowering the guaranteed interest rate to 1.75% p.a.. For new Riester contracts from 2012 the legally prescribed guarantee rate of previously 2.25% drops p.a. to 1.75% p.a.. This change reduces the guaranteed to the retirement pension of a Riester annuity. This change is required by law and also applies to other forms of private pension schemes. The actual pension at the beginning of the pension must be not necessarily affected by this change, since it consists of the guaranteed pension and the surplus of insurance companies also generated about. About 15 million Riester contracts concluded according to the latest statistics of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) the Germans at the end of the fourth quarter had 2011 about 15 million Riester contracts. This benefited in particular the residential Riester Variant (home pension).

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