Beriebe Percent

The spring Guild meeting of painting and painters Guild Dusseldorf informed operation transfer, acquisition, and operational task. Heiner Pistorius, upper master of the Guild and Lutz thinking as the Managing Director of the Guild are pleased this more than exciting topic of operation handover”in which to access this year’s Guild meeting. With the help of external experts is in the evening, start pumpernickel 19.00 h, in the restaurant”, held a briefing for the Member companies of the Guild. The title of the lecture of optimal preparation of Bank talks means nothing”: every second young master of the craft sees the largest obstacle to the establishment of a company in the difficult financing and the high cost of credit. Without hesitation camden treatment associates explained all about the problem. This emerges from a representative survey of the Handwerkskammer Dusseldorf in April 2009 under 985 graduates of master schools on the Rhine and Ruhr. Therefore, 54.2 percent of the surveyed young masters as difficult access to bank capital is viewed. One Exacerbating the situation is caused by the current financial market crisis. So, 33.2 percent of the Manager young respondents by the Chamber of separately evaluate the financial crisis as a hurdle on the road to independence.

On the other hand are approximately 71,000 family farms in Germany according to a calculation of the Bonn Institute of Mittelstand research (IfM)”ready for delivery. But few are well prepared for the difficult passage. So it is hardly surprising that according to IfM only 67 percent of the Beriebe generation creates it in the second. In the third generation, there are only 32 percent and only 16 per cent of the original Companies exist in the 4th era. Considering the efforts and costs, to establish a completely new operation, it is worth it to learn more about the topic. Just considering the above difficult financing must seek new ways. How can the future success of the company look like? What legal and fiscal framework conditions are to be considered? The stimulus package I and II offers new Ways to obtain a loan previously not feasible? These are just a few a few questions around the topic of operation handover, that evening will not only be on Monday, May 11, 2009 at the Guild meeting but mainly answered. Because, since the Guild agrees, there are not only obstacles on the road to independence, but there are also ways to overcome them. For example, by young master can be valuable expert knowledge of the Guild by the older colleagues from. The Assembly is completed by 2008 financial statements and the post – reelection of two positions as well as various other topics.

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