UNEP Sustainable

The model of economic growth of the capitalist system generated grandesdesequilbrios, since it exists much wealth and abundance, but, on the other hand, amisria, the ambient degradation and the pollution increase daily of formadesenfreada. Of this way, it appears the idea of the sustainable development, queprocura to harmonize the economic development with the ambient preservation to better paraconseguir quality of life and conditions of survival for half doequilbrio between technology and environment (CALCAGNO apud SONAGLIO, 2002). Maimon (1993) salient that the guarantee of the balance dependede a technological development guided for stability goals emrelao to the environment. It also needs the incrementao of the capacity technological deinovao of developing countries. Soba optics of the sustainable development the progress understands the demaior generation wealth, equitable social benefit and ecological balance. White (1988, P.

86) still adds that: ' ' pasesrealmente developed of the world they do not sacrifice its cultures for umdesenvolvimentismo that benefits to much more industrials and traders them doque nao' '. In accordance with Sipil (apud AGENDA 21, 2008), sustainable development understands the job of the capacity human being to think time to use the limited natural resources without a previous reflection. As the IUCN, UNEP and WWF (1991apud AGENDA 21, 2008): The true objective of the development is to improve aqualidade of life human being. To be a process that allows the beings to humanosrealizarem its potential fully and to take worthy and satisfactory lives. Economic Ocrescimento is an important part of the development, but not to podeser an objective in itself exactly, nor can continue indefinitely. Odesenvolvimento it is only real if it becomes our better lives. The people need to reexamine its values and to change comportamentospara to adopt the ethics of living sustainable. For this, the society to devepromover values that apiem new ethics and to discourage those incompatveiscom a way of sustainable life.

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